Talk About Using the Armitage Fandom for Marketing Purposes

I don’t follow either conversant, but this came to my attention. I still defend Digital Theatre’s marketing of The Crucible on Screen, but this, I don’t get – a producer urging a Richard Armitage fan site to promote a work that has nothing to do with Richard Armitage. Compare to Yaël Farber, A.J. Hartley, Ian McKellen, Graham McTavish, and others who just promote their own work, and trust that followers who are also Armitage fans might investigate. At least Sarah Dunn, who has similarly reached out to the Richard Armitage fandom, gives us a photo of him.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 6.00.58 PM


15 thoughts on “Talk About Using the Armitage Fandom for Marketing Purposes

  1. Todd is a nice guy who has seen from his experience with Into the Storm that this fandom is incredibly dedicated & supportive. There were quite a few RA fans tweeting him when he was promoting Here Comes The Boom. That was prior to ITS being finished & released so you could just chalk it up to “sucking up” in hopes of more RA behind the scenes stuff or such. That particular fan page pulled in a few favors from him when ITS opened. I don’t see the harm in asking for a little favor in return.


    • I recall now that he managed some tkts for a local screening of ITS for that fan page. But I still don’t like the idea. I think it’s tacky. That being said, I don;t think there’s “harm.”


  2. What do you expect from a guy that didn’t know his lead man was attending CinemaCon until he bumped in him? And ITS explains it all. Someone able to produce that thing…
    Everyone can do as they like, in asking or doing. I have seen more ridiculous thing asked by this fan group. Don’t know if laugh or cry. Anyway, they are free to ask, we are free to ignore them. Are there really people following Garner? I’m trying to forget everything connected with ITS.
    I find DT and Audible perfect in their marketing. Garner and Denison are the worst. Dunn… oh well, after all she only asked Likes.


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