@RCArmitage Tantalizes With Hannibal

22 thoughts on “@RCArmitage Tantalizes With Hannibal

  1. I hope someone can figure out what we are seeing. I see what looks like a face with weird teeth and then what look like front legs of a horse (or dragon?). But the two are very much out of proportion to each other.


  2. I must admit I think this picture is for Pilgrimage. I can’t think of a scene from Red Dragon where he would be required to do that kind of stunt work. Obviously, pure conjuncture on my part. With his schedule and with Monday 13th April having been quoted as when filming starts on Pilgrimage, that he’s done his scenes on Hannibal and flew to Ireland late yesterday. Wildly guessing 😀


  3. I had to look at it several times before (sort of/kind of) figuring it out. It’s RA suspended in the air. I thought those were horse legs too but they’re actually his legs (what looks like the bottom part of a horse leg is actually his foot). At top right is his head looking down; to the left of that is his right shoulder. Since his original post about missing the Oliviers said it was because of his filming in Toronto, I assume this is still Hannibal.

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  4. I lightened it in a photo editor and he looks to be suspended mysteriously in a contraption. Typical RA humor- he can’t be there because he’s physically hung up. LOL


  5. It’s him in a harness hovering over the ground/stage, doing a stunt, on assumes. The harness and its padding cover his whole torso. He’s also got black padding on his (bare) right arm and left knee (of bare legs). His head is in the upper right, we’re looking at the top of it. The black shapes below are cast shadows of his body. Perry: check your e-mail for a lightened jpg.


  6. I am sure there have been some tricky and challenging shoots on H over the years but bet he’s just set a new standard of what an actor can or will do in it for an interesting outcome 🙂 the rest of them, now follow this one ;-)))
    Somebody suggested it could be the Francis vs the dragon scene and i had the same thought… whatever it is now i am really excited to see the final result!


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