A Look Behind the Con

Reblogging not only for the article, but the graphic.

Guylty Pleasure

Filling the time until we get the winners of the Olivier Awards, I thought I’d rescue a couple of comments on the whole “Con Business” from the obscurity of the comment section. They were made by Comic Business Expert ExtraordinaireMimi Cruz aka my Shrine Fairy. Mimi has been working behind the scenes of the mother of all cons, San Diego ComicCon, and others for many years and has a true insider’s view of how the cons work for attending celebrities. This is what she had to say in the comments on last week’s post that cited from a German newspaper article about HobbitCon 2015. con-artist

Let’s look behind the curtain…I’m not sure if this aspect of the celeb con has been discussed; conventions pay the celebs a fee to attend. The bigger the celeb, the bigger the fee or sometimes it’s just travel, hotel and food. (Which in itself is…

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