What If? Digital Theatre/Old Vic to Offer John Proctor Inaction Figures

I’ve enjoyed some of the marketing directed at the Richard Armitage fandom.

I liked everything about A.J. Hartley’s social media strategy to promote Hamlet: A Novel :I liked how he interacted in general ( he has his own fandom) and to the Richard Armitage fandom. His tweet that, in words or substance, the way to get 1 million followers on Twitter is to mention #RichardArmitage was brilliant.. He’s humorously self-deprecating, while purposefully advocating Richard Armitage. I’m sorry that, on social media,  David Hewson and he had to demonstrate their intentional  limitations on just what data they would provide.

Audible did okay in my book, as well. It  issued a video, some excerpts and together with the authors, kept us up to date on the overwhelmingly positive response to the release . And then they gave the gift of Richard Armitage reading love poetry, which was also great fun on social media, I think

Digital Theatre’s social media personality, for the most part, has been informative and interactive – . But they do it in a nice way and as  I feel about A.J. Hartley, I’m interested in their other products – so I want the marketing information.

Digital Theatre was savvy In jumping aboard a fan initiated event, #TheCrucibalGlobalView.  I don’t know if the fan version included live tweet viewing. The initial details on how to participate were a little vague. I thought it was to be a comment, quote or other tweet or post, appropriate to the hashtag.  Yes – there’s the feeling they want to get every drop of revenue. DT’s  target audience.market were predominantly Richard Armitage fans, having come from his fan sites; therefore, a hefty portion of the target audience have probably purchased The Crucible and the Interview.

Nevertheless, any negativity I might feel, and it’s hardly any, is outweighed by the notion that the fans started the idea and a promoter/producer/distributor not only acknowledged it, but got involved. DT worked with the fans and gave something back.

Meanwhile, Warner Brothers gets away with murder in the promotion department.

So, I’m very okay with this kind of marketing.


6 thoughts on “What If? Digital Theatre/Old Vic to Offer John Proctor Inaction Figures

  1. You can not imagine that the Warner Brazil did with Brazilian Fans of Richard Armitage in December 2014 in Comic-Con Experience to Premiere BOTFA. He, left the plane disguised between the airport security guards to anyone if approach him. There was a group of 7 fans only, with gifts for Richard. On the Stage, before BOTFA Film, gave strict orders to anyone if approach him too. And so, our idol came to the Country for the first time and we could not take pictures with him and not ask for autographs. While Jason Momoa, wandered at will among fans and everyone had all his pictures and autographs. I stay hurt to remember what we went through. And Warner Brazil does so with all the fans, unfortunately.


  2. me too, party also because i appreciate the artistic quality of their capturing the Crucible, i’ve seen a few theatre things ‘caught’ for the screen and this is by far one of the best; that on its own puts them on the good side on my book 😉 Otherwise it is a really small company in terms of no of people and they have focused on developing the business, signing on important arts organisations etc, they care about their content but are not very specialist on marketing stuff, i think they are still learning in that respect and trying to adapt to the sudden increase in their business so there are growing pains. But i do think they try hard to do ok in marketing (but i am much more tolerant of cultural things/businesses marketing themselves .. double standards i know 😉 )


  3. I was referring to the Company Warner Bros Brazil and not the actor Richard Armitage, which is made of pure kindness and gentleness with people and with their fans. I said “disguised” between the security guards, who surrounded him in such a way, he came out with the crew and was not seen by the fans. Not by his order, but by order of the Warner Brazil. So different from what he received at the airport in Beijing. As he say on Weibo “was the best welcome”. Warner here in Brazil, despises the fans of any celebrity, so different of Digital Theatre and Audible..

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