William Shatner Weighs in on Armitage’s Travel Woes

5 thoughts on “William Shatner Weighs in on Armitage’s Travel Woes

    • Contect- RCArmitage asked for a star trek transporter or private jet to get him to the Oliviers. A fan suggested contacting Wm. Shatner. RCArmitage’s Twitter profile describes himself as moody actor and anti”socialite.” Shatner responded.

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      • Thanks. It’s fun to see them interact on Twitter, isn’t it? But it can be difficult (at first glance, anyway) to know who the real celebrities are and who is impersonating them. Mr. H. has more than one person on Twitter claiming to be him (he doesn’t have an account himself). For Twitter newbies, it’s really confusing.


  1. If there is a blue check near their name, then itis a verified and real account. Some lesser known celebs don;t get that blue check – but Mr. H surely would f he had a real account, IMO.


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