“Experts” Predict – Olivier Best Actor Winner ” Too Close to Call”


Best Actor

Nominated: Richard Armitage for The Crucible, James McAvoy for The Ruling Class, Tim Pigott-Smith for King Charles III, Mark Strong for A View from the Bridge
Should win: Tim Pigott-Smith
Will win: Anyone’s guess

This category is simply too close to call. Every single candidate would be a worthy winner. Pigott-Smith (pictured) takes it for me simply for showing this most sturdy and reliable of all actors in a brand-new light: more than an impersonation, a 3D portrayal of the future king.

Thanks to Micra for sending this along.

4 thoughts on ““Experts” Predict – Olivier Best Actor Winner ” Too Close to Call”

  1. Although I’m routing for Richard win, the quality of the nominees is astounding. All acting power houses. To be in such outstanding company is truly an honour, as is receiving a nomination for his first play in 13 years. Fingers crossed and heart palpations at the ready.


    • Welcome ( always think of barcardi as rum). I have nothing to compare him, too, -and my fingers are crossed as well. Either way, it’s, as they always say, an honor just to be nominated. And this case, it really sticks.


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