Richard Armitage’s Role in Pilgrimage Revealed – He’s the Star

Deadline reports:

Pilgrimage, Richard Armitage’s current project is about monks journeying through western Europe to bring their most holy relic, a stone used in the martydom of St. Matthias, to Rome.

Fans who’ve been wondering what role RIchard Armitage will play in the soon to be filmed Pilgrimage need wonder no more. Speculation  as to whether he’s the mute monk with the violent past, some escort to help the travelers get through their travails, a Norman archer  a Crusader or a Barbarian has been answered.

Deadline has revealed that Armitage, who is learning ancien French and Latin for the role, has been cast as the most seminal character in the work. Based on his recent experience as a doped up Thorin finding his way through Mirkwood in The Desolation of Smaug, and a substance abusing ex-social worker in Urban and the Shed Crew,  it is right and fitting that Armitage’s talent draw on his prior experience.

The film, seen through the eyes of a novice and a man of violence, is actually told through the voice of the relic itself, anthropomorphized.

Armitage has been cast as the holiest of holiest – the stone.

When asked how he felt about the role, Armitage commented that he was excited and challenged to take on the role. He added that he had prior experience in playing inanimate objects, and reminded the reporter that in  a prior role, Lucas North in MI-5, he was often considered wooden.  “Rock is stronger than wood”, he commented, “so it’s a big step up for me.”

9 thoughts on “Richard Armitage’s Role in Pilgrimage Revealed – He’s the Star

  1. I am so pleased we finally have confirmation that RA is actually the main man, eh, stone in this production. He is going to rock the business with his portrayal of the relic, I am sure,. Definite bonus for his fans: As the relic he will not only be (man-)handled but probably feature in almost all of the film’s scenes. It doesn’t get much better than that. I bet he has already compiled a whole backstory to his role that will reach back into the rock formation of his charockter.
    Thanks for digging this up, Perry.


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  3. LOL! And you know, “a rolling stone, gathers no moss.” So maybe RA will need some “moss”, if he is to remain moist and supple. Sighhh!

    And I see a new campaign forming: “Got Moss?” It’s just the “placement” of said
    “moss” that I haven’t figured out yet. *wink*


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