Spooks ( MI5) Movie Trailer

Herba tweeted this link

Ahh. Not sure about this.  It seems similar to some other episode plots. But if it comes to Mexico, I’ll see it.

9 thoughts on “Spooks ( MI5) Movie Trailer

  1. Imagine how excited we would be if Lucas was in the movie. But series 10 was woeful IMHO and I was kind of glad RA was not in it.

    The trailer looks good – but also pretty standard fare for Spooks. In other words, it looks like something I would watch on the TV but won’t be paying to see at the movies.


  2. I loved Spooks from Day1 & RA joining was a big bonus (but we won’t talk about Series 9!) I saw the Spooks’ film trailer in the cinema recently & it didn’t strike me as anything special but I will see it as I’ve always had a soft spot for Harry Pearce.


  3. I like Harry 🙂 But will wait for this to come to my telly 🙂 But OMG that is Lizzy Bennet!!!! Oh, haven’t seen her in a while 🙂 and that is Jon Snow, right?
    It’s the usual fare but i like the series so will watch when i don’t have to pay extra 😉


  4. I watched all the seasons of Spooks, and I’ll be seeing this in the cinemas. I like Kit Harrington in GoT and I sometimes miss Harry Pierce. Plus, if I play my cards right, might even get Hubby to pick this (we alternate picking the movie… he likes spy thrillers… lol) although if it gets poor IMDB reviews he wouldn’t be likely to suggest we see it. =)


  5. Thanks for the trailer!. I was curious to see it. Welcome back Harry Pierce! (and Brother Tuck/David Harewood… and Lara, maybe?) But.. Jon Snow…no…again….(sorry, IMHO Kit Harrington so nice to see in photos but boring to hell when I see him playing his character in Game of Thrones). I think I will see the movie… rental way, for Harry Pierce (Peter Firth)’s presence in the movie only . In my opinion Harry Pierce is thinking (in the movie trailer): where are Macfayden, Penry Jones, Armitage…and my beloved Ruth? now I have to work with Jon Snow….sad me).


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