More About the Nipple Ripple

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Just the left nipple, please. Let’s face it.The size and placement of the hole in his shirt guarantees that no matter which way the shirt moved on the body during his movements in Act IV, sight of the left nipple was not going anywhere.

What is it about the left nipple that so engages? We’ve seen it before.

left nippletumblr_mz14w9Nfs21sqzjkdo1_1280

An earlier shot of the left nipple – Guy of Gisborne’s hairless chest. I think the left nipple has held up well over time.

The right nipple has had its share of notoriety, as well.

Source, All Things Armitage

Source, All Things Armitage

And I think I can say, the right nipple has also held up well.


You can measure this by examining an earlier nipples photo. The lift, the perkiness, the erectness, the size and symmetry of nipples left and right, have not changed a bit over time.


So what is it about the Proctor left nipple that sets it apart? Is one nipple more erotic than two? Is it the chest hair? Is it utilization of the fashion trope – less is more? or Don’t show too much? is it the peek a boo aspect? Is it the setting?

Whatever it is, may the suits who make the decisions insure never ending notice to the nipple.

Bryan Fuller – I’m talking to you. I eagerly await the Dolarhyde Nipple, and much more.

16 thoughts on “More About the Nipple Ripple

  1. I´m just overnippled, I suppose (forgive me as a non native speaker) 🙂 Thank you, Perry.
    What a hilarious Sunday it was, never laughed so much sinca a long time.


  2. I am a victim of nipple envy. His seem perky and proud, whereas mine point at the floor in embarrassment. The costume designer would have to put the strategic rip somewhere quite a bit south, in my case.


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  4. i like research, so thank you so much for the well presented scientific evidence 🙂 I would say the conclusion can only be that this is a prime example of anatomical perfection that endures in time.


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