Armitage Has the Midas Touch

Well, duh.

So, raise your hand if you thought these stats would be any different. DT just had to research Audible.Com and the release of Hamlet, narrated by Richard Armitage.  From what I’m reading around the net, there are still many who are waiting for the rush to slow down before partaking of the drama.

And according to an earlier tweet, as I interpret it, 38% of the purchasers, signed on just for this production

I guess once someone downloads and uses the Digital Theater Download Player,they’re considered a new user.

Now, I’d be interested to know how well the film did in theaters compared to other Cinema Live and DT showings.

That Richard Armitage – he’s got the Midas Touch. When one sees this info from Digital Theatre, and remembers the information we got from ( the audible book went to number one in less than a day) or even just ask Darren Denison (Staged).

Next up – NBC’s ratings for Episode 8 of Hannibal Season 3.

3 thoughts on “Armitage Has the Midas Touch

  1. Poor DT. They did not seem to be prepared for the onslaught! I still have not downloaded because I am swimming in deadlines at work, and I know other folks were waiting until there was less contention at DT, so I don’t think they are done making money off of Richard. It would be interesting to learn how the theater run did. Judging solely by the way they kept adding theaters for months, it must have done well relative to expectations. (Too bad you can’t just look it up on boxofficemojo).

    I think with The Crucible Richard has established himself as a talented lead stage actor (Olivier Award nomination and all the 5-star reviews), a theater draw (sold out shows) and a moneymaker (sales of DT downloads, posters, tickets to watch him be interviewed, etc.).

    If Hannibal sees a significant uptick in viewership in Season 3, that will certainly be a sign that he can make money in mainstream TV and should open a different set of doors for him.


  2. Reblogged this on My Sort of Bloke and commented:
    I am not surprised about this. The man is not only a Master Actor but a walking tower of pheromones. He has won the hearts of many and there are many more triumphs coming his way. Of that, I’m certain.


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