Warning Tweeters

You can’t beat the heat by deleting a tweet that mentions “Our” Sweet,

No, not ever.

It’s hopeless and useless to deflect or retract; it’s just a fact.

We are clever.

We’ve been burned before, so you can’t close the door. When news is hot

click!  screenshot! Then the signal boost cooks your goose and fans

We’ve got documentation, and research by nations – (We think it’s a comer – this “Summer.”)

A Tweet by or about our closely watched Sweet – it’s just set in concrete – It counts.

This being the case, el gato escapa, you might as well Announce!

19 thoughts on “Warning Tweeters

  1. Being the cynical girl I am, I notice that many little producer/director are using this method to share/spread news and pics tweeting and deleting… maybe her tweet and deletion have been intentional to build expectation for when the official announcement will be out… but I’m a bad, bad girl 😉


  2. Don’t these people know that we are a worldwide Army of Amazons? Obviously, they’ve never met our Princess, Diana of Themyscira, or they wouldn’t toy with our Twitter Watch. Great Hera, save us!


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