The Richard Armitage Fan Diary

Mark your calendars/ KatharineD has assembled a list of dates for us marking upcoming Armitage-related happenings.

March 17         TC download
March 24          BOFA DVD release
March 29          Empire Awards
April 12             Olivier Awards
Mid-April          Cannes Film Festival  selections (UrbanATShedCrew -we hope)
May 28             Audie Awards (Best solo narrator)
June 4              Hannibal S.3 premiere 4th June
June 25            Saturn Awards
July 28             Hannibal episode 8 ( barring unforeseen preemptions)

And what we don’t know much about so far – How Sleepwalker  is progressing in post-production and whether it will appear in this year’s film festival circuit.

What’s going on with Pilgrimage? I think we know that shooting in Ireland starts in April.

17 thoughts on “The Richard Armitage Fan Diary

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  2. Well he is still working on Hanibal in Toronto…I sold one of the set designer/assistants some fake greenery for a Market scene and she says she saw him on set yesterday and he was on set today as well. Woo hoo! (I was pretty excited).


  3. With his and his father’s love of Richard III, will he be in Leicester next week for the re-internment of Richard III at Leicester Cathedral?


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