Urban and the Shed Crew gets Private Screening and Great Feedback

Cannes Film festival nominations will be announced mid-April, Katharine D. reported, when she forwarded this tweet.

We may still be on a roll.

17 thoughts on “Urban and the Shed Crew gets Private Screening and Great Feedback

  1. I was so pleased to finally see proper confirmation of the completed film, and extra pleased to see it was so well received!


  2. I am almost finished th book and I must say, I cannot wait to see Richard Armitage as Chop…Yes iindeed 🙂 If you haven’t read it, it is an interesting yet somewhat sad book , and you canlearnanew language,its called “British slang”…Indeed


  3. I am so glad it is finally “out”, at least for those who attend private screenings. Does anyone know who this guy is?. He says he is a PR geek, so I hope he is not connected with promoting the film in some way. Sorry, having been in the pr trenches long ago, I am a trifle skeptical, but ever hopeful. 🙂


    • As it happens, I can tell you exactly who this guy is, because I did a bit of research earlier today after I first found his tweet-
      David Hamilton is PR head of UK charity, Action For Children.

      From the Wikipedia page:
      Action for Children is a UK children’s charity. Its mission statement asserts that it is committed to helping the most vulnerable and neglected children and young people break through injustice, deprivation and inequality.

      When RA first got the role of Chop, I researched Blenheim Films, and their co-founder (the director of Urban) Candida Brady, who previously made the documentary Trashed, about global waste issues. She used that film to create awareness of the issue at film festivals and at government level all round the world, so I presumed straight away that it was her aim in taking on Urban to similarly raise awareness for the plight of underprivileged children in the UK, if not further afield as well.

      I’m guessing that inviting David Hamilton to a private screening is the first step to getting that happening.
      Here’s an article he wrote in the Guardian last year about the challenges involved in promoting smaller charities.


      • Thank you so much for sharing your research, Katherine. David Hamilton sounds very serious and capable.You answered my question perfectly. So do you have any idea if the film will be shown at Cannes or if the producers are looking for distributors there? Or is it a charitable rather than a commercial endeavor? Or both? Sorry to bombard you with questions, but you are the go-to- girl for details. I suppose we will know all in time, but my RA patience is limited.


        • Happy to share what I know, Kathy!

          Trashed documentary had a special screening at Cannes in 2012 (I’m sure it didn’t hurt that Jeremy Irons was the narrator), so Brady has had some success in being accepted there previously.
          The first we knew of the possibility of Urban being submitted for this year’s inclusion was a mention in an article about Fraser Kelly, RA’s young co star. Of course, we won’t know until mid April if it’s been accepted or not.

          As far as I know the film was made independently, not linked to any organisation, but everything I’ve read about Brady suggests she became a film maker to highlight issues she felt were worth her while, so I think in a way, the film is a means to an end, but it’s also a proper rendering of the original book, Urban Grimshaw and the Shed Crew.

          Brady participated in Berlinale Talents at Berlin Film Festival this year, so she may’ve made some good contacts there.


          • My goodness, April might be a really busy month for RA. Isn’t there something he might have to attend in London around mid April, perhaps the tenth? Then off to the south of France for promos, maybe? And I think a movie shoot in Ireland was mentioned at one time, with monks. 🙂


            • The Olivier Awards are on 12th April, Cannes is from 13-24 May. Pilgrimage dates are unknown, other than maybe starting in April.


              • I was only a month off. That’s why I turn to you. I am the go-to-girl for misinformation. Thanks for the correct dates.


              • Thanks for the information and research, KatharineD. 🙂 A Cannes showing will be great, no doubt. I’ll be happy to see this film, it seems it has been quite a long time since the filming.


  4. Well, Happy Birthday to me and right at midnight! Thank you for the great news. It’s about time we get a chance to watch this movie! Fingers crossed for Richard, that he’ll get to go to Cannes. 😉


  5. i know the screening place 🙂 Interesting and good news it is finally starting to get out there, support for Charities is always a plus and Action for Children is actually one of the bigger UK charities. It is important for the theme of the film that it gets talked about and highlights the issues addressed in it. Fingers crossed it gets enough attention for distributors to pick it up soon, Cannes showing would be wonderful.


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