Side Dishes: Aidan Turner as Poldark. It’s Good

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I predict that BBC’s Poldark, with Aidan Turner is going to be a favorite. It has everything BBC content lovers appreciate: a period piece, a decent story, historical significance and a smoking hot star who is already showing some excellent chemistry with his love interest.

Although this version is much shorter than the previous version, which ran for years, the first episode set up most of the relationships and conflicts without it seeming crammed in.

Aidan Turner is going to do alright in this. My first impression so far, is that In the first episode, Ross Poldark was mostly angry and disappointed over all the loss he suffered while he was away at war. There were a few times when I thought his delivered lines were stilted, but I’m going to blame it on the writing. I found this to be so especially in the dinner scene when he first returns to his uncle’s home and learns that his beloved Elizabeth is to be married to his cousin.

Unlike in the original, I think Poldark’s attraction to Demelza has been ignited rather early – but well, they only have about 6 episodes.

It seems that a number of fans are dissatisfied with Poldark’s war injury”scar.” But hey, I can understand that the director didn’t want to mess up that striking face, so they went for something subtle. For some fun about the scar, read this


8 thoughts on “Side Dishes: Aidan Turner as Poldark. It’s Good

  1. Aiden as Kili was always just a cutie-pie to me. Near Thorin’s overwhelming presence he never stood a chance. After seeing the Poldark trailer and standing on his own, he’s all grown up. What a dish!


  2. It’s not like Robin Ellis’ scar was any worse. It was just on the other side of his face. I don’t think it was the writing in the dinner scene, I think that was a valid acting choice – Poldark has just learned his father is dead(from a couple of gossip’s on a carriage who thought he was asleep) and that he doesn’t have much of anything to go back to, he now is meeting his relatives for the first time in years who apparently thought he was dead too. He’s out of sorts and uncomfortable and that’s how he played it IMO. Poldark himself is “acting” in that scene. Then comes the coup de grace of finding out his cousin Francis is engaged to Elizabeth, his own unofficial fiancee. His toast was delivered differently, like he was genuinely trying to be good about it but could barely speak, he was clear enough to understand but almost mumbled. I thought the whole scene was very well done and set up the uncomfortable family dynamics(and more importantly established they were there even before the revelation about Francis and Elizabeth).


    • I agree that the dinner scene set up a great deal of what we need to know going forward, but I think some of Ross’s lines were a little off, especially how he delivered the toast. However, don’t misunderstand – I think overall he’s doing really good work in this so far.


    • P.S., I don’t have an opinion on the scar one way or another, except it seems an exceptional testament to 18th century surgery. And – it hardly mars that handsome face.


  3. I feel that Aidan grows into the role as it goes along. He actually seems to be a better actor as he gets confidence. I find him divine, but very young. I think this role will be the making of him. I hope that does not sound condescending because I do not mean to condescend. Colin Firth said he had done heaps of drama before Darcy, but the role made him. And so it is with Aidan. Good luck to him.. He seems a really decent person on various levels. BTW I love the show, loved Robin Ellis show and love the book!!!


    • Welcome. Poldark with Aidan Turner was a hit in the UK, and I think the same is happening here. I think he is quite wonderful in it and hope he has many new projects lined up as a result.


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