What Are The Odds? And Hannibal on Thursday – a great night for Prime Time.

Sometimes I wonder about how the universe moves. In one day, two announcements eagerly awaited by Richard Armitage fans

The Crucible will be available for download on March 17 – which has always been a celebratory date in my family,  and Hannibal Season 3 is airing on June 4. on Thursday – not Friday. Thursday night is  a much stronger night for this series, though it may have tougher competition.. Here’s hoping NBC keeps it that way and doesn’t move it to Friday once it premieres.

Depending on how Bryan Fuller sequences the season’s episodes, I predict we should meet Francis Dolarhyde in late July, early August. But, who’s to say that the audience won’t meet him before the characters do ? In which case, we may glimpse him earlier.

11 thoughts on “What Are The Odds? And Hannibal on Thursday – a great night for Prime Time.

    • I posted an article a while back in which the deadly Friday night time slot was discussed. Thursday is a hot night for Prime Time television. We’ll see what it’s opposite when we know the summer schedule – but it is possible it will be regularly seen on Fridays. Sometimes the networks air a season premiere in a different time slot to draw viewers in, then show an encore episode, and eventually, go back to the regularly scheduled slot. So, we’ll see.


      • No doubt the Thursday time slot might be only for the premiere- they didn’t really say one way or the other, which makes me think it may well be a conditional time slot. Still, I would imagine that they’re watching the stats on the downloads of seasons 1 and 2 since the casting announcement, and making estimates on likely new viewers based on that data. =)


  1. If there is a new show every week, and he appears in episode 8 (according to IMDB), we can all have our eyes glued to the screen on July 23!

    I agree that they seem to be counting on Richard to bring in a lot of new viewers. A lot of people were also excited by the announcement earlier in the week that Zach Quinto would join as one of Dr. Du Maurier’s patients (not yet on IMDB). I have to wonder what they are spending on payroll for the acting talent. Laurence Fishburne and Gillian Anderson probably don’t work for cheap either.


    • I think many of us will have our eyes glued to the screen way before July 28. But your assumption works, barring no preemptions for something. I don’t think Quinto has a big part. I’m guessing he comes in, gets killed or is a killer, and gets out.


    • It’s just happiness all around. And Monday they announce the Olivier stage nominations. I haven’t seen any version of the Crucible nor the competition, but it’s a no brainer that I’m pulling for Richard Armitage and the entire production.


  2. The Crucible announcemente has been a wonderful gift, I started jumpjng with joy myself, even if (or just becuase) I saw it 3 times already. I can’t wait to have it in my PC, studying scene by scene,
    Hannibal… oh well. I’ll just watch only the bits with Richard on it.


  3. great news, Thursday is a good slot over here too and Sunday nights, but the latter is more for family drama 😉 Now if this hits you in June/July maybe it will come across the ocean for autumn… and then it’s likely it will break here for Xmas and probably the R bits early next year… sigh, preparing for a long wait and the fighting against myself to avoid spoilers! 🙂


  4. Also, this news is coming on the heels of another day of good news in the past week, where Hamlet received an Audiofile award and Richard received his first Saturn Award nomination. Things are going really well for him!


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