SIde Dishes: Poldark Trailer with Sexy Aidan Turner

I think we can be certain that  this time he doesn’t have nothing down his pants.

15 thoughts on “SIde Dishes: Poldark Trailer with Sexy Aidan Turner

    • Wolf Hall is pretty exciting in its own way – though I guess it is more of a history than a costume drama. But I, too am pretty excited, for many reasons, not the least of which was my grave disappointment in Death Comes to Pemberly.


  1. Holy crunches, sit ups, whatever. What about those abs? Jeez , didn’t know those were hiding under Kili’s outfits. Sorry, I mean it looks like an interesting historical drama, with good productions values and acting. Another quality BBC production.

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  2. ah the spot is finally out 🙂 maybe i shouldn’t scroll so quickly through the commercials 😉 There is actually a pre-screen of the 1st ep at the Imax in London at the end of Feb, includes a QA with the cast 🙂 But, we forgot about it and missed out on tickets, will have to see if we get lucky with some returns, would definitely be worth seeing in Imax, there are some amazing location shoots.


    • I know much you’ve been looking forward to this – I think you got me excited about it, too, and very glad it will be easy for you to find and enjoy in Australia.


      • I’m sure it’s just a catchy piece to snare younger viewers who might not be naturally drawn to a period costume drama. The original series had a very memorable, sweeping theme, so I hope they can match its epic quality.


        • I watched the original series during the same period when I discovered North and South. I think it was already outdated by then ( Poldark), and though I binged on the entire hours and hours, I was not really mad about it – I think because it was outdated, and I didn’t find Robin Ellis or the female lead very attractive. So, I’m hoping for a much better experience this time around.


          • Ah- totally different perspective to watching it as it was first released, in one’s teens. Robin Ellis made a huge impact at the time, and is fondly remembered to this day by the original viewers, for his Ross Poldark. I’m sure Aidan will do a fine job of this, and it should ensure him a huge new audience.


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