“Red hair, sir, in my opinion, is dangerous.” ― P.G. Wodehouse

According to exclusives from Redhaironline and The Hollyred Reporter, fans of Richard Armitage got it all wrong yesterday when he first posted, then deleted a tweet with a selfie that seemed to indicate their often raven-haired crush had gone red.

Speculation was rampant as to why Armitage deleted the tweet, especially since he left the same photo up on the Chinese version of Twitter, Weibo. A number of fans thought that the deletion was the result of pressure from the reclusive Bryan Fuller, show runner of Hannibal. Others suggested that Audible.com, for whom he was working at the time of the selfie, might have pressured him to pull the photo for unknown reasons. Another group of fans thought he left the photo up on Weibo because the color red is considered lucky for the Chinese, and with over 100,000 followers in just a few hours,he was counting his blessings. And some, just blamed it on his Twitter thumbosis.

In fact, both Redhaironline and the Hollyred Reporter have confirmed that Armitage’s posting of the picture was his own mistake, and that he, himself, removed it at the urging of his publicity team.

It seems that Armitage, who’s been jet-lagged and foggy since his whirlwind travel to China and back, lost track of time and thought he was still in contention to win a few fan awards. Learning that his competition is known for his flaming locks, Armitage decided to give himself an edge and mirror the look of the competition.


Left Richard Armitage, Right, Danny Bonaduce

Unfortunately for Armitage, still reeling from two 14 hours flights in 4 days and then finally landing in NYC’s mind-numbing cold, he even got that wrong. Not only were the contests over, but he targeted the wrong redhead.  Here and here, for example.


Sam Heughan

RHOL and THR have also learned next year, Armitage is going to have a say in the photos used for any future competitions. Lest we forget:

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