Shame on the Shamer – Hathorne Lives on Facebook

This morning I read this post on another blog, and the funny thing was, I hadn’t seen the Facebook page to which it alluded, but I knew which one it was.  I knew, because of late that Facebook administrator  has been scolding, chastising and shaming her own readers. ( As is her custom, the post was deleted, or anyway, I can’t find it, but see below for the screen shot and the specific discussion).

This admin is pretty good at shaming. She’s shamed PBS for poor promotion. She’s shamed Digital Theatre for ” not keeping a promise” to post some big news ( even though she misread their tweet) and she’s tried to shame me plenty of times, the most recent time was last night when I asked a simple, non-threatening question  and she tried to make me look the fool for asking it.

She put a “moratorium” on discussions about The Crucible because some of her readers were apparently not smart enough to know the difference between a download, streaming and the possibility of getting a DVD of The Crucible.

Y’know, sometimes a FB Admin just has to step away. So I’m calling a moratorium on Crucible posts on this page. I’ve tried to provide accurate, updated information whenever possible. But because it’s not what people want to hear, no one is ever satisfied. So fine. Look to other pages for the same information and be dissatisfied there. I’ve reached the breaking point.

When it becomes available via download I may post that. But maybe not. Who knows? We’ll probably still hear the wailing and weeping over no screenings here in the States and no distribution via DVD.

And, THIS, a production easily 95% of us never thought we’d ever see, but thanks to technology, we will. But it’s still not good enough and – for many – if it’s not on DVD, it will never be good enough. So that’s it for The Crucible on [this page]. Peace out, as they say.

(For the record, I was one of the alleged 5% that did believe we would see it – recall #VideotheCrucible)

Her position changed when she “let slip” quite intentionally on Twitter that she was actually watching the download of The Crucible via what I’m going to guess, and it’s just a guess, was a dodgy use of the educational download. I feel, and it’s only my opinion, that while she could have been quiet about it, she just had to let you know she’d gotten it. I’ve yet to see a review or even more than a passing comment to celebrity tweets about its content and worth.

[ETA] Looks like the Facebook post about having people in her living room to watch it has been deleted, but here are the tweets:

tweetScreen Shot 2015-01-27 at 9.51.38 PM

This administrator also shut down discussions about Richard Armitage’s choice to take a role in Hannibal because OMG – her readers were actually trying to discuss the series and some were engaging in gentle persuasion ( as so many have been on twitter, sharing their experiences and reactions to it). And after all, this administrator is dead against speculating on Armitage’s career decisions. ( Well, except the ones where he chooses his agents – a post since deleted).

Sorry for her grammatical errors, but they’re hers, not mine.

A WORD FROM THE PAGE ADMIN: RA’s choice to play Francis Dolarhyde in the Brian Fuller TV series “Hannibal” seems to have caused a divide on the page.

I’d like that to stop. Some people enjoy this genre. Others do not. Please do not pester those *who do not* with reasons yo [ sic] watch (it’s not “horror,” and other observations) or try to get them to them justify why they don’t care for graphic and grim stories, often told with wit and black humor. If they decide to sample the series on their own, that is their choice.

Be KIND. Agree to disagree.

As many of you have said in this sometimes contentious debate: this is HIS career, and HIS choice. We all know and – what’s more – we respect that. AND a person’s decision to watch is THEIR [sic] choice and THEIR  [sic] life. So please respect that as well.

This is RA’s decision, and an excellent professional one, from my POV, whether I like/watch the series or not.

He will have a high-profile role in a a network – not pay-cable – American TV series. and will be working with a a phenomenal cast AND Bryan Fuller. In the Thomas Harris book (Red Dragon) that features Francis. and first film (Manhunter), the character – albeit ultimately a monster – has a vulnerable, gentle side. This is right up RA’s alley, showing the humanity of this horrible creature. And the Bryan Fuller connection is invaluable.

So this is his next role, and it doesn’t premiere until this summer, and RA’s arc doesn’t even begin until Episode 8.

In the meantime, let’s all just take a breath and see what happens, okay?

So now, she’s shaming fans who enjoyed the screenshots of Richard Armitage as John Proctor, shirtless, washing up after a day working on his farm. Here’s what she wrote:RAUS PROCTORScreen Shot 2015-01-27 at 3.53.33 PM

Here are the photos:

Aside from the fact that I disagree with at least two of the four themes she thinks the play is about, I have this question. How is this photo ( below) which appears on her same Facebook page early on in the The Crucible run, any different from the photos above? Is it more or less disrespectful than the four photos to which she objects and banned from her page?


What about this one? Isn’t this photo, which was provided by The Old Vic,  and which appears on the Facebook page, also more than just a titillating shot? Doesn’t it, too, have something important, in context, to say about the play?

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 4.49.23 PM

And what about this one – not from The Crucible. “Crikey,” she’s getting ready to arouse his foreskinned penis!

B77rEE_IYAEJ3ni (1)

Look, I understand that a Facebook Administrator, just like a blogger, can make her rules about the content she wants on her page. And I know that this is a popular page, though I’m not sure why it’s any more popular than other Richard Armitage fan pages, except it’s promoted like the dickens. In fact, most of the posts on this page are also posted by talented people who share those very posts with other pages. There is little to no original content, thought or discussion on this page. News comes late, mistakes are made, – but okay – people like it. Hypocrisy, deletions, scoldings and all.

But I have to wonder why readers choose a page that stifles discussion and I have to wonder why, in this particular case, The Crucible photos, have been blocked? Those who followed live tweets when The Crucible first opened will recall that fan after fan commented on the shirtless Armitage washing up scene. Those who read any or all of the probably 100 blog reviews and fan experiences ( almost all of which are on this Facebook page thanks to the wonderful Fernanda Matias), will have read descriptions of that scene – from the titillating to the analytical – descriptions of which angle they viewed the scene from, or multiple angles if they were lucky enough.

You know, one theme of The Crucible, as I have always understood it, ( “mob-thought?”) is fear of unbridled, sometimes irrational, authority, which fear causes good people to be silenced. John Hathorne lives – he lives on a Facebook page.

And by the way, for your eyes only, m’dear, Arthur Miller lived in my home town.

20 thoughts on “Shame on the Shamer – Hathorne Lives on Facebook

  1. I don’t frequent her pages very often, but saw there were several facebook shares of my shamelessly ogling/objectifying post from yesterday. Curious, I went to have a look, and that’s when I saw the “We Will Not Have Shirtless Screencaps Until Everyone First Understands the Important Themes of This Play” post. Dunno if someone tried to share my post there, and it was taken down, or if it was just a coincidence. But I felt wrongfully chastised for my appreciation of those lovely photos, and it didn’t sit well. Thanks for sharing those earlier posts. I see this is habitual for her. Sigh. BTW, this post didn’t show up in my WP feed, though another of yours from today did show up.


    • I hope I fixed the glitch. Yeah, I don’t really get that – there were so many other photos of the play posted over the months – why the objection to these? I think it mostly has to do with her having snagged a download, but is afraid to write about it ( or can’t)


    • I think you summed it up with “We will not have Shirtless Screencaps UNTIL…” Imagine the torments these poor ladies are going through, forcing themselves to learn all the “valuable” and “respectful” lessons whilst not enjoying even a tiny peek at that magnificent body! I am never ashamed of admiring Beauty.


  2. “Crikey. She’s getting ready to arouse his fore skinned penis” gave me the biggest laugh of the day!

    Thank you!

    I’ve also seen a couple of other great blogs full of wit and wisdom about this debacle. Perhaps we should thank the individual who decided to take us to task as the response HS been heart warming and reminds me how much fun this community can be.


  3. Perry, aren’t you just doing exactly the same thing as you criticise this other person for doing? You’re shaming her. You even said in the title “Shame on the shamer”. Why is it ok for you to do it but not her? You said you understood that she can make the rules about the content she wants on her page but you spend the entire post berating her for it.

    Yeah, I know I’m not in this fandom any more but I still peek through your window occasionally. What can I say, I like ya, you sassy dame! 😀


    • Augie, I could give you some reasons why my shaming is not the same as her shaming, but I know you can figure them out for yourself, and anyway, my standard and lines aren’t as unbroken as some other bloggers’ are. Occasionally, I will even “police, but it’s usually against someone who attacks the fandom,” In the fandom or not you’re always welcome here.


      • Is it like the difference between capital punishment and murder? One is a crime the other is the punishement for the crime. No, that doesn’t work because in my example the person meting out the punishment is generally accepted to have the authority to do so. This fandom has no accepted authorites so it’s more like revenge. An eye for an eye. I get that and wholeheartedly support your right to bitch about people who annoy you. 😀

        Now, if I’m welcome here, where is the free coffee and complimentary snacks?


        • There is no difference between capital punishment and murder in my book, so no. It’s not revenge ( revenge for what?). It’s about pointed out inconsistencies, poor reasoning, shaming, etc. And yeah, it’s a bit of bitching. I would have figured you for a tea drinker, but coffee is more up my alley.


  4. As a rule I don’t reply to what I read, but I have to here, when you criticize someone you leave yourself open to be criticized. I am not taking sides it is just an observation.


  5. I’ve tried a few times to write a comment & am struggling keep it civilized. That woman reminds me far to much of someone else who used to bring her preachy soapboxy shaming upon my RA friends and that stuff really pushes my buttons. People finally caught on to her game & stopped giving her attention. I’m holding on to hope that it will eventually happen with this one as well.
    I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if many of the people who have “liked” her Facebook page or follow her on Twitter are unaware of her antics because (as you’ve shown) she deletes a lot of it.


  6. Yes, the deletions are a big issue for me. I know that I was more harsh than others who wrote on the topic (Maybe because I’ve been her victim more times), but another way to handle it would have been to explain or defend. Not delete. Her readers and followers may have more faith in her ” insider” connections than you and I do, and may feel that she has some sway over the strangers she tweets. Also, they may like the usually upbeat tone of the Facebook page, as opposed to the opposite tone of the tweets. What this latest issue has done was to open up a wide-ranging discussion ( in the sense many bloggers and tweeters involved themselves) and add a sense of whimsy and humor as well.


  7. I wonder if she only serves cake and ice cream after EVERYONE sings “Happy Birthday.” No singing, no cake for you, ’cause you don’t understand the deep meaning and social implications of the ritual. 😉


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