Shame on the Shamer – Hathorne Lives on Facebook

Sorry. Some folks didn’t get this.

Armitage Agonistes

This morning I read this post on another blog, and the funny thing was, I hadn’t seen the Facebook page to which it alluded, but I knew which one it was.  I knew, because of late that Facebook administrator  has been scolding, chastising and shaming her own readers. ( As is her custom, the post was deleted, or anyway, I can’t find it, but see below for the screen shot and the specific discussion).

This admin is pretty good at shaming. She’s shamed PBS for poor promotion. She’s shamed Digital Theatre for ” not keeping a promise” to post some big news ( even though she misread their tweet) and she’s tried to shame me plenty of times, the most recent time was last night when I asked a simple, non-threatening question  and she tried to make me look the fool for asking it.

She put a “moratorium” on…

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