WOW! More Than 4 Weeks in And BOTFA Earns $ 1 Million on a Tuesday!

8 thoughts on “WOW! More Than 4 Weeks in And BOTFA Earns $ 1 Million on a Tuesday!

  1. I was part of that. Saw it for the 2nd time. It was Cineplex’ cheap night here. Cried again and will see it again. RA is definitely the star of this show and his screen presence is riveting!! ❤
    P.S. Thanks for all the info you continuously provide, it is most appreciated.


  2. I’m actually a little worried about box office now in terms of reaching $300M domestic and $1B worldwide, which would put it even with the first Hobbit film. It is $31M behind the first Hobbit film for 28 days out, and actually only $4M ahead of DOS. The gap with DOS has been closing every day since the weekend, when everyone went to see Taken 3. We will have to see what happens in China, because the worldwide numbers are still looking good. It is good that Peter and Richard are going to China to promote the movie.


  3. I think there’s a chance it might not make the $ 1B mark. I think I have and earlier post that figured even if it did as well as DOS in China, it would fall short of one billion. I’ll have to look for that.


  4. On the other hand, it will easily surpass $900M and be the #2 2014 release. My post sounded too negative. I think it will do well in China. Even Into the Storm was the #1 film its opening weekend in China.


  5. It’s a very good move on WB’s part to promote the film in China (I was baffled that they didn’t do it last year), but I also think some time in late February or early March they could try a Twitter campaign to encourage die hard fans to see the film one final #onelasttime, as it’s likely the last opportunity to see Middle-earth on the big screen. That could give the box office figures a last big push.


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