Out of the Irish Mist and Into the Mexican Sun – All Was Not Lost

Today was a day that started out lousy from the early hours of the morning, took a dark turn once I read the news, was fraught with personal annoyances, and ended with me nursing a cat recovering from surgery. (He’s not quite the cat he used to be, if you get my drift, and he’s staggering around like a drunken sailor).

But at midday, things brightened. The sun came out. The weather hit the 70’s, and I got a call I’d given up on ever receiving.

You might remember this post Β fromΒ Guylty, in which she spun the sad tale of the lost New York RAPS sent to me in Mexico. Β ( Guylty’s writing here is so spectacular – it brought me to tears.) A carefully and lovingly crafted Personal Shrine was apparently lost in the mail, having been sent in early October, but never received.

The most I got was a look at these great photos, taken by Guylty, and her lovely creation story.
ny-raps-7-of-18 ny-raps-10-of-18

So you can imagine my shock, when, on a really crappy day, both personally and on account of the awful news from Paris, this happened:

Of course, I knew what it was – well, I knew there was a RAPS in there, and I knew what it looked like. But, until I opened the package, examined the tin, (which was one of the tins dear friend KatharineD found in her mother’s stash and forwarded to Guylty), until I opened the tin and saw for myself the delicacy and fragility of the work inside, the detail, the care, until then, I really didn’t know what I had almost missed.
Did it arrive intact? Well, yes and no.
If you look at Guylty’s photo, above, you can see that on the bottom half, there are a few tiny magnets spelling out Peaches in the Big Apple.

It wasn’t until I looked at Guylty’s post again, that I noticed my RAPS looked something like this:


A careful search unearthed the magnet that said in, but the apple cannot be found. I tried gently shaking the tin, turning it upside down and poking around with a toothpick. It’s such a delicate item that I’ve decided not to poke around any further.

Besides, I kind of like it this way, because it tells more of the story.

And that’s not all that was in Guylty’s package. What a delightful surprise to find all this:

A framed photo of Richard Armitage at the Berlin Premiere of DOS, taken by Guylty, herself, three Richard Armitage refrigerator magnets ( which will take a place of honor along with the magnet sent by Micra, depicting a beautiful Sardinian scene), a lovely handwritten card, with one of my favorite photos of Richard Armitage, a bar of Thornton Cappuccino Chocolate ( sorry, but the photo is the wrapper – I indulged in the white chocolate covered Cappuccino ganache – that Thornton makes good stuff) and yes – a badge – to be the subject of a separate post).

What a haul.

But better than the stuff, is the sentiment, the work, the creativity, the thought that went into this particular project. It really turned my day around.
And it said something to me about that fandom feeling, as well.

So, to Guylty, many, many thanks. It might not have started out as a surprise, but it sure did end as one – a really welcome one.

27 thoughts on “Out of the Irish Mist and Into the Mexican Sun – All Was Not Lost

    • Thanks. In the states, a vet would not send him home if he weren’t more alert and walking. Here, it’s been 3 hours and he’s still stumbling around. But he ate. The care package was fab. The whole thing is a hit with me.


  1. Perry- I’m amazed and thrilled that your RAPS finally found you- I wonder what journey it took between Ireland and Mexico?
    It really is a happy ending, and as you say, definitely brightened a bad day. Guylty is an uncommonly generous lady, for sure, with all her wonderful extras, and I’m so pleased the little old tin plays its part, containing the RA NYC images she crafted just for you.

    Give Mulligan a hug from me!


  2. I’m so happy the RAPS finally arrived in a warm home! It was sad thinking of it discarded somewhere… K.’s mum tin and all the work and love by Guylty forever lost… indeed, here it is in (almost) all its splendour! Super happy! (and crossed fingers that a certain roll can still arrive at destination…) πŸ˜€


  3. This is certainly one of those little things that makes a year start in a good way: the long lost parcel turning up so unexpectedly. I can’t tell you how glad that makes me. I would have had no problem making another RAPS for you, but somehow I think that the first response is always the best one πŸ™‚
    Re. “The big peaches”: Looking at your photo carefully it seems to me that there might be another magnet with the “apples” stuck underneath the “peaches”? Have a look πŸ˜‰ Oh, and on the subject of magnets – the “I ❀ NY" and the speech bubble on the lid are magnets and can be removed if you prefer a simpler look. And the speech bubble might vaguely fit onto the bottom part of the RAPS should you want to replace the "peaches".
    As for generosity – I'd like to point out that I got a Mexican surprise parcel with lots of goodies from Perry in return, that Katharine had stipulated one of her tins be used for Perry, and that Perry's hard work with her blog that keeps us updated and in the know, needed to be rewarded!
    PS: Look at your lovely terrace there!!!


  4. Isn’t this fandom the BESSSSST?!?! You get a jolt of love just when you least expect it — and need it badly.
    (Inspect the tight crevasses of that padded bag for the missing apple. And along its joints. If there’s an exposed stripe of the sticky side of that pink tape, the missing word might be “glued” in its crease.)


  5. Well, it turned out almost better than originally intended – apples and peaches showed up unexpectedly just when you needed a pick me up! So glad the shrine arrived after all, for everyone’s sake. Hope Mulligan’s feeling better and you’ll both sleep better now!


  6. that is the best thing ever, the lost package found it’s way and got creative with messages all on it’s own πŸ˜‰ Glad the kitties are feeling better too! πŸ™‚


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