For Those Who Want To Learn More About FanstRAvaganza History and The Event

Check out Nat’s explanation on The Armitage Fan Blog , which she posted as a comment on Frenz’s recent post about the event. Here are the links to Frenz’s posts on RAFrenzy (1) and (2).

With all the new Richard Armitage fans,  and new Tumblrs and Facebook pages, I’m a little dizzy thinking about the organization for such an event, but I had a lot of fun last year with what was to be the prelude to FanstRA,  I Saw Something Fine, and somehow, Guylty and I were able to maintain a discrete blog linking and posting fan reactions and encounters about The Crucible on The Crucible Experience.

So, this blog will participate, and I’ll continue to link to posts that detail the event and get things organized. And with a little help from my Frenz, maybe I can marshall my inner resources and lame technical ability, and help out with the nuts and bolts.

So, for all you bloggers, fan artists, fanfic writers, and – here’s where I’m going – to those of you who read and comment, and engage in Twitter conversations with some of us, think about participating as guest bloggers or guest posters.

Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “For Those Who Want To Learn More About FanstRAvaganza History and The Event

  1. I saw something fine was done manually and by the seat of my pants. I put up the website in about 15 minutes and all told spent less than a hour on anything technical. That’s all the time I had to give to it. So to be blunt, it was a long, long way from my best effort. I just felt the need for something positive at the time was great enough that it didn’t matter if it was not perfectly done. But you’re right, it can be a piece of work to organize something like this. Key words are “can be,” which means it doesn’t have to be.

    I would hope this event would be different from the standpoint of aggregation. I do like how Traxy encouraged a more free form event the last time around. Now the aggregation needs to catch up. Not her fault at all. She didn’t have time to really do it as CDoart did in the past. But there’s a way to do the aggregation that hopefully does not make this aspect of the event a slavish effort. It is still a piece of work and definitely the hardest part of the event, but it should mostly come before the event with code and testing, or at least that’s how I see it.

    I hesitate to say what I could bring to the table in that effort or any others (although I’m willing) because sadly there are some in this fandom (that is in no way directed to you, Perry) who insist I’m a schemer. As it is, I will catch some hell for broaching the subject of an event. Along the lines of these thoughts — How dare you?, or Who do you think you are?! or You’re just trying to get Richard Armitage’s attention. That;s the kind of crap I receive and sometimes from people I thought I respected. It’s unfortunate that this kind of negativity is probably de rigueur in a fandom. But I think we need to do this event enough, I’m not going to let it hamstring me, I just wish I knew which notes were going to be negative so I could ignore them more quickly.

    All of that aside, it would be great to have an event where we’re celebrating what we find so much fun.


  2. thanks to both for the clarifications and explanations, after a bit of googleing and quite a bit more of reading i now know much better what it was about and would definitely like to participate this time round 🙂 Good thing we have advance warning so i can squeeze my brain for ideas 🙂


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