The Undeniable

It’s the end of the year, and some Armitage bloggers have been posting their statistics, including most viewed posts.

For example here on Me and Richard, the most viewed post was about the Lee Pace/Richard Armitage Ship.

Funny she should say that. On this blog, the most viewed post was this: Duo Spotted in Washington Square Park  really bad shoes. ( BTW – those “really bad shoes” are rampant here where I live in Mexico.)

My third most viewed post was this one, a photo of Lee Pace attending The Crucible The original tweet was deleted, but hey, who didn’t see that picture?

( Second highest views was the first part of my experience at Pinter/Proust watching Richard Armitage on stage, and off).

So, what is undeniable? No, not the ship. From an outsider’s  perspective, there’s still no direct evidence. Factually, it’s still circumstantial – powerfully circumstantial, such that one can reasonable infer the fact, but circumstantial, none the less.

No. What is undeniable is  that there’s a huge audience out there for any and all information about this particular ship. And I’m wondering if the interest will dissipate the more we see?

And if this is real, what does this say about Richard Armitage aside from the obvious?  It says, he’s like most men, he likes youth and beauty. Okay, and some talent.

20 thoughts on “The Undeniable

  1. Well, from what I recently saw, I would say they are both young, great looking, and talented. What does this say about me?? : D


        • Actually, there is a little history behind the observation, that I won’t get into in detail. But for a time, on and off, there were some fans who were gratified by the notion that Richard Armitage might have chosen what they believed was a not very attractive partner, which, to them, showed that he had more substance than a lot of men.


          • Well I guess it would all depend on what part that partner played?? There are many different forms of attraction. I wonder if those fans thought the same of Prince Charles and his preference for Camilla compared to Diana? Did he have more substance?


            • I’m sure there were plenty of discussions back and forth examining all sides of the question you posed. Nevertheless, there was, I have heard and read, some satisfaction with the idea that he did not appear to go for some gorgeous, young, and possibly empty-headed woman.


    • Yup, so my son reminds me. I just remind him I like guys who are tall, with a slim build, and dark hair. Just like my husband.


  2. Since this is a bit of an “end of year review post”, I am ignoring the discussion as such and would just like to add a little thank you for your hard work at supplying the fandom with the most up-to-date news on all things RA. It’s quite a relief for me, I have to say, that I can just lean back, secure in the knowledge that all important stuff will be collated for me on your blog. Well, not just for me – but in any case, it’s very handy and much appreciated. Thanks and here’s to another year!


  3. Excuse me, did you just basically call Lee a twink? Lee who currently tops the IMDB list as #1 actor? Richard cherishes youth and beauty and “some” talent?

    With Lee Richard cherishes a mature personality who is intelligent, educated, well-read, kind and witty just as he is himself AND an incredibly talented actor. The Undeniable here is this: at this point Lee easily outdoes Richard when it comes to range and success, even I as a first and foremost RA fan will admit that.

    What you don’t seem to realise is that by reducing Lee to “youth, beauty and some talent” you not only insult Lee, but also Richard and everyone he ever was with.

    Your blatant jealousy must be so painful. Suck it up and get over it. Rich is way out of your reach, and he never was within reach.


    • Welcome to the blog. Sorry, not familiar with the term ” twink.” How do you know what Richard Armitage or anyone else cherishes? You can guess. You can put yourself in his position, but you can’t know.
      How do I know everyone Richard Armitage ever was with? Do you? And why does this boil down to accusations of jealousy? What do you know about me? Have you ever read this blog? Are you aware of the tone or point of view? Do you see squeeing or thudding or sighing here on this blog Why do you think that I ever believed that Richard Armitage was or should be, or that I want him to be ” within my reach”? LOL – though if you read this blog, you would know at least once, I was within HIS reach). How could Richard Armitage be ” within my reach” if I don’t know him, have only met him once, and live thousands of miles away from where he will ever be?

      And anyway- and here’s the key, if I want to insult Richard Armitage or Lee Pace or anyone else on my blog, and I do now and then, I can – that’s my right and this is my blog.


      • Not gonna reply in detail to what seems to me a bit too much protest ’cause, you know, your questions are no questions, really.

        Just this:
        You wrote: “How do you know what Richard Armitage or anyone else cherishes? You can guess. You can put yourself in his position, but you can’t know.” Apparently that is not true for you since you gave this statement: “It says [about Richard], he’s like most men, he likes youth and beauty.” Funny how this sounds as if you knew for a fact what he likes.

        The thing is, if you listen to someone, if you take an interest in what he reads, the films he likes, the projects he’s involved with (now that he can pick them more freely), by the twitters he follows, by the messages he shared over all those years, by the charities he supports etc. it is not so difficult to get a general idea about what he cherishes. And all those things do suggest that he would not be looking for a partner who is nothing more than just a young, pretty face.

        Seems though that I hit a nerve.


      • Oh dear, wow, that is indeed rich. At least I got a good chuckle out of the twink thing, in fact I’m still giggling to myself and cannot unsee/unthink.

        Twink: An attractive, boyish-looking, young gay man. The stereotypical twink is 18-22, slender with little or no body hair, often blonde, dresses in club wear even at 10:00 AM, and is not particularly intelligent. A twink is the gay answer to the blonde bimbo cheerleader. (urban dictionary)

        Meanwhile LP: 35, 6’5, rather beardy most of the time and in very casual clothes if not on official mission, intelligent, very well-read, andandand. Oh, not to mention the fact that he is a very talented actor, a true acting chameleon, who can play about any role and is currently #1 on the imdb starmeter. Seems like people are mostly disagreeing on the ‘little talent’ part. Young and pretty might be seen as debattable, to me 35, while younger than myself or Richard, is not young in the sense you seemed to imply.

        What I don’t understand at all though (and yes, you are entitled to your opinion and this is your blog, as you felt the need to point out, but a reader is in turn entitled to wonder and question I think) – why would you even feel the need to insult Richard over presumably having found a loving partner who seems to compliment him very well? Why try to find fault in him being happy or basically accuse him of being shallow when, rather clearly, he is not?


        • As you pointed out, Twink, was not my word, nor would it ever be, in this context. I compared Richard Armitage to “most men.” Not exactly an insult to him specifically. Also not an insult to say ” he likes them” young and pretty.” ( Isn’t Lee Pace?) I Can’t really comment on Lee Pace’s “suitability,” Nowhere did I give the opinion they might not be a good match for other reasons. I didn’t discuss any other reasons. And as I explained in the post and in the comment, there is a history to the subject. In fact the point of the post was directed more at that history than Richard Armitage, himself.
          But that’s OK, and as you say, as a blogger, I ought to be willing to accept comments of all opinions, but reserve the right to reject comments that are personal attacks, which yours was not. So Welcome to the Blog, and hope you find other posts here that you like better.


  4. You did hit a nerve, but not a personal nerve, so to speak – not one that relates to what I think about Richard Armitage. I just think it’s the same old mean girl cattiness some woman like to engage in, to attach jealousy as a reason to some comment or opinion. I’ve written about this before.


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