Huh? For A Minute There, I Was Confused.

This is the blurb from a Google Alert on BOTFA I just saw in my email. Can you tell what I was thinking and why I was confused for a minute?

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 9.08.43 PM

18 thoughts on “Huh? For A Minute There, I Was Confused.

  1. It’s doing great. The numbers and comparisons are coming in so quickly, that I decided to wait a while until posting the next update. Fair to say it is pushing towards $ 700 MM World-wide. (I think its about 6.5 hundred mill.) And it is expected to continue to thrive at the box office over this coming weekend.


    • Great news indeed. I took my son and his friend to the movies as they wanted to see Night at the Museum 3. I heard the reviews weren’t favorable and wasn’t looking forward to seeing it. I noticed BOTFA was also playing and decided to see it while the boys saw their movie. My son starts complaining, Mom, this will be your third time!!! Told them to come and get me when their movie ended. After their movie they found me and took a seat. After the movie his friend said, I wish I had seen The Hobbit instead of the other movie..LOL


        • Exactly….and you see things you didn’t see before. I bought with my Christmas money my first flat screen tv and a blu ray to go with it. Now I can finally watch the extended version of DOS.


            • Looking forward to it. I installed it in my bedroom so I won’t be interrupted all the time like I am when I am in the livingroom. For some reason the two males in the house lose things and need to ask me if I have seen what they can’t find. Nothing a little looking past the bottom of their nose wouldn’t help. Or the endless talk about football.


  2. I agree: the more I see BOFA the more I like it (especially with the real voices!!! I hate my country doesn’t give the chance to watch films in original language). I saw it three times and I feel the need to see it again. I think I will watch the film on my PC many, many times, waiting for the EE (DoS EE is so better than theatrical edition!). And since this is largely Richard’s movie (as many critics said), I couldn’t be more happy! Ohh… it still has a lot of flaws but… well. Nothing’s perfect. Not even Richard. Maybe. Perhaps. LOL! 😀


  3. I’m impatiently plotting my second trip to contribute to the coffers next week when hubby returns to work after his Christmas break. As with AUJ, I came out of the cinema after my initial viewing longing to see it again (and again and again in BOTFA’s case) I didn’t have that feeling at all with DOS, was quite content to wait for the DVD release.


  4. I liked DOS better the second time, but I had similar feeling to you with BOTFA – I think there’s still more to see. This is another post that’s sitting in the draft tag. Seeing it more than once (BOTFA) gave me a chance to concentrate on some of the other actors, like the dwarves, who were in scenes with Armitage. ( They brought mime to new heights), and I was also able to sit back and enjoy Thranduil’s battle scenes. Not to mention, closer examination of Richard Armitage’s performance.


    • I wish there were more scenes of Thorin interacting with the other characters. I loved the scenes with him and Bilbo. I could loop that acorn scene over and over. That acorn is more powerful than the one ring.


        • Yes, I believe he would have if he there was more time. The wise old man that he is. It’s funny when I think about what I enjoyed most about BOTFA and what the two males in the house thought. They loved the battles and I enjoyed the dialogue. They loved the antagonist scenes and I liked the peacemaker and reasoning scenes. Though I was screaming in my head at Thorin to stop following Azog above the ice and wondering where was Dwalin.


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