Woke Up To A Really Perfect Richard Armitage Holiday Message

Once again, he does the exact right thing at the exact right time – MMMWah. (That’s a big kiss)

12 thoughts on “Woke Up To A Really Perfect Richard Armitage Holiday Message

  1. Yes, yes,yes… Just found it on Twitter myself. I´m so happy that he spreads his message via his account and not through TOC (suppose I´ll be the next one who gets blocked, couldn´t care less). I´m totally convinced that Mr. A wouldn´t let him be manipulated, it´s just his polite behaviour.
    I wish you a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays or whatever you prefer 🙂
    Uups, I haven´t read the message yet, just wanted to let you know how happy, relieved and excited I am.


  2. Contrary to a previous comment of mine where I thought RA might send his Christmas message via RANet now that RAOnline is no longer active, I’m very pleased he found a way of using his Twitter account to do so. I always look forward to his annual Christmas messages (more so than HM The Queen’s, treasonous though it is to say so!)
    Anyway Perry, I wish you & yours a happy & healthy holiday season.


  3. It’s a beautiful message and he found a perfect way to share it. I’d had preferred a selfie instead of another (already seen ) SD pic but I think he made it on purpose. He chose not to share anything personal, focusing on work and charities.
    I’m glad he sent a Christmas message. And I’m glad he considers the fan participation one of the reason for the success of his work. I think he was genuinely amazed by people flying from all over the world to see him live in The Crucible and I hope he felt, and still feel, the affection and respect these people have for him. He said respect is his Arkenstone. I’m sure he no longer needs to search for it: he got it. This 2014 has been a crucial year for him. He’s no longer a totty. He’s the man that gave life to a stunning Proctor and the man that transformed Thorin in King Lear. He was able to deliver “that” line perfectly. I’m sure Professor Tolkien, wherever he is, is nodding hiding a tear…

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season to you and your family, Perry. 🙂


  4. Reblogged this on Armitageitus and commented:
    Totally agree. He pitched his Christmas message perfectly. Was I right to think his tweet about “no favouritism here” referred to some of the going’s on of the past few days?? It doesn’t really matter, it was still a lovely message. So pleased to see how much we’ve all raised for his Charities too :)…
    Merry Christmas Richard and friends 🙂 ! xxx


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