The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five armies and Richard Armitage

Yesterday, Servetus discovered a heretofore unknown mostly Richard Armitage blogger. In the post linked, she sets forth a boatload of excerpts about Richard Armitage from BOTFA reviews as well as her own ( non-biased) take about the films. In others, she shares her Crucible SD experience.

The Book of Esther

Oh my goodness, has it really been a month since I last posted? Well, it is true that life has been busy…. I still mean to write an update on seeing Michael Palin in the flesh in November! That update will follow in time…

For now, I am again in Richard Armitage obsession mode, ever since I saw the latest and final The Hobbit installment named The Battle of the Five Armies. “Is it just me?” I was thinking, “Or was Richard Armitage absolutely brilliant as Thorin Oakenshield in this film?” I am very prejudiced towards liking everything he does and I just needed to check and see if I am suffering from Armitage-sickness (sort of like Thorin’s gold-sickness) or is he objectively really this good?

Reception of this film amongst the critics is quite mixed. It looks like you either hate the film or you love it and I…

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