Cinema Live Makes It Official – No Crucible Screenings in U.S. or Canada, and . . .

Since the reference and link in the tweet is to Digital Theatre, this seems to indicate that downloads will not be available until 2015.  I wish they would just say it.

14 thoughts on “Cinema Live Makes It Official – No Crucible Screenings in U.S. or Canada, and . . .

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    I have much to say about this; none of it nice and most of it pretty profanity filled. let’s just chalk this up as more of what has pissed Zee off this week. Truth be told, if Richard wasn’t in this, I would have completely lost interest by now. To tease us they way they have, this is just crappy PR.


  2. And what it’s worse, after a very well organized promotion, with all Delamere tweets and so on, they think to delay the download purchase of many months. This is quite stupid, imo.


    • I know. I agree. In reality, no matter when they issue the download, we’ll try and see it, but with all the hype, it seems a let-down. It’s possible that they ran into rights issues they didn’t expect or thought they could overcome.
      Why they are withholding the downloads pending screenings is a bit of a mystery. Maybe they have data to suggest they lose money if they allow downloads at the same time as screenings. But somehow, it doesn’t seem like it would make that much a difference.

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  3. I take back my whingeing about Australia having to wait until Feb for the Crucible on the big screen – at least we will get to see it instead of not at all. I feel for you. 😦


    • Thanks Mezz. I, personally, am in Mexico – not North America, though the chances that it’ll be shown anywhere me is slim. I might consider a trip to Mexico City to visit an acquaintance, but, not sure.
      But the biggest disappointment, for me and others, is that the downloadable version probably won’t be released until after you see it in Australia, which is in February or March.


  4. That really is a shame for all RA’s US and Canadian fans who were hoping to see TC on the big screen, and I wasn’t expecting that we’d have to wait until next year for the download, to be honest. Perhaps it’s part of a general agreement with Cinema Live, that they get a clear run at any new production, regardless of where it’s able to be shown around the world. Hope DT hop in quick and clarify the details for everyone.


  5. I hope DT chime in also. What I wonder is if the reason the information is being dribbled out, is that everything is ( or was) not set yet. And, of course, I wonder about whether it will be shown at all in Latin or South America. I agree with you, too, that I never thought we’d have to wait until after February or March for the download, because the promotion made it sound like it would be, I don;t know, imminent. For example, I know we thought that the free rental DT offered recently was, in part, to get potential Crucible viewers interested, and use it as a dry run. Now I wonder.
    And yet, in the end, at least we will all get to see it someway, in some venue ( living room?) at some time. Better than nothing.


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