So, this is my 1500th post – Into the Storm Receives Two “Cli Fi” Awards

Seriously, I thought about posting a picture of Richard Armitage and nothing more, or at least a post about having published 1500 posts. But no, this came up. dancing1900057_458566047608686_1957563092_n

You can learn about the Cli Fi awards here

Here’s what Into the Storm won:

The popular summer movie “Into the Storm” received two below-the-line type Hollywood awards, one for “best movie that most mirrors current climate science,” and another for “best PR campaign for a cli fi movie by a Hollywood studio.”

[ETA] thanks to RA Central, I can also report that ITS won a third award:

Movie that spoke most forcefully to the public

You can see the official list of all films and awards here

Here’s hoping that Warner Brothers will submit Into the Storm for Special Effects Oscar consideration.

18 thoughts on “So, this is my 1500th post – Into the Storm Receives Two “Cli Fi” Awards

  1. Congrats on your 1,500th post. How did you do it? I haven’t gotten to my 500th after about four years. LOL!

    Except for great FX, I’m amazed it hasn’t won a Razz Award, it was so bad.


    • You know, people liked it, much to my surprise. It was a popular film over the summer. But the critics, well . . .
      Thanks for the congrats on 1500 posts. Most of the time, I post news with a short comment or link, so it’s easier to churn out than writing something meaningful. Going to try and do more of those.


  2. Congrats Perry! I got most of my RA news from your site. I am too lazy to tumble around. Looking forward to your 15,000th post! 🙂


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