The Kiwis Belong With the Company.

We all recall when, in DOS, Thorin Oakenshield told his nephew Fili, who was getting ready to separate, that he belonged with “the company”- the company of dwarves, of course.

Now it turns out, as reported by actor John Callen and The One Ring, that Warner Brothers will not foot the bill to bring the 6 Kiwi actors to the London premiere on December 1.

Incredibly, Warner Brothers cites ” budget concerns,” as their reason for this serious, shameful and disappointing decision. Just how much trouble is Warner Brothers in?

Probably, not much.  Didn’t Warner Brothers just foot the bill to send 150 fans  from all over the world, to New Zealand for a  several day BOTFA experience? And they don’t have the funds to send send six men to London?

Personally, I think this is shameful, and disrespectful, not only to the actors themselves, who have all worked well and hard traveling the world to promote these films at various events, but disrespectful to the fans also, and to New Zealand fans in particular.

I think it’s mean-spirited of WB to take this approach and leave out the Kiwi actors. But, perhaps WB doesn’t realize what a PR nightmare this can become:


Perhaps WB is unaware of the fan loyalty towards the actors who played the dwarves. Maybe WB doesn’t scroll Tumblr.

Warner Brothers obviously doesn’t know that the fans want those men in London so the cast can share in the defining chapter themselves, and bring laughter and tears to their fans.  Actors, John Callen, Jed Brophy, Mark Hadlow, William Kircher, Peter Hambleton and Stephen Hunter need to be in London.

And gosh – where does that leave Dean O’Gorman, our Fili?

Sometimes, we can change things. But there’s not much time.



I’m open to suggestions for better hashtags.





27 thoughts on “The Kiwis Belong With the Company.

  1. I thought I read that ALL the actors from all 6 movies are supposed to be at THIS premiere? So does this leave out the Kiwis from the original trilogy? Craig Parker? Martin Csorkas? Bruce Hopkins? What about the Aussie actors? Are they NOT going to foot their bill either?

    I remember when the original trilogy was over, many of the actors had to sue to get their royalties from the figures that were sold in their likeness. In fact, there was a huge brohaha before the films were made – the threat NOT to film The hobbit in NZ because WB didn’t want to pay royalties that they will make millions on over the years and the NZ government sold their actors down the river, so to speak.

    The whole thing is disgusting.


    • I don’t know. That article might have meant feature actors, What I do know this is. In the main – this is the premiere for The Hobbit final film. Not the Lord of The Rings. LOTR should take back seat, if any. It’s more for sentimentality than anything else. And, at a premiere of The Hobbit – the Dwarves ( the actors who played them) belong there.


      • Oh yes the Dwarves SHOULD be there first and foremost before anyone. That in itself pisses me off! I think WB is nothing but a bunch of cheapskates anyhoo. They have a history of ripping off their actors.


      • I agree with you completely. It’s an insult to them to say in the big video announcement that the cast from all 6 movies will be in London, and then refuse to send 6 dwarves from the current trilogy. “Petty” is right.


  2. ??!!!!! I don’t even have words for this. Incredibly, appallingly, unimaginably poor decision on WB’s part. ?!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW COULD YOU NOT HAVE 6 OF THE DWARVES?!?!!?!?!?!!


  3. Lots of outrage on John Callen’s page, The One Ring and The WB FB page, but not so much on twitter, unless I am not using the right tag. It is a terrible decision. And with partnering from NZ Air and Pure NZ, I just don’t see how this is not happening for $$$ reasons.


  4. What the hell! We could start a twitter campaign. I don’t usually join in those things but I would be happy to spread the word. It would be good if ET mentioned it and has someone contacted Marlise of the Anglophile Channel? I am sure with the HUGE fan following there would be some kind of back lash. I have been through my share of not being acknowledge for projects that I have worked on. This really frosts my cookie!


  5. Thank you for joining in this. It happened last year as well. I have been venting for the last 24 hours, I can tell you!! They are such lovely, gracious people and don’t deserve to be sidelined.


  6. Just FYI, I’m not sure WB footed the bill for those 150 fans, I think it was a joint effort with Air New Zealand & others (wish I had won that/sniff!). It’s a pretty cheapskate move, IMO, it’s not like WB can’t afford 6-7 plane tickets, I mean REALLY! They probably want PJ to foot the bill, or New Line Cinema, but it’s still pretty cheapskate on their part.


  7. what kind of nonsense is this??? does anyone buy they have money for a massive promo campaign but can’t fly 6 people to London for a few days??? what utter rubbish! anyone have a useful contact address where we can write to complain?


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