Perry – The Patient Dr. White Cured First

I’d been fretting and stewing over an unpleasant interaction with someone late this afternoon. I was so worked up I wondered how I would ever fall asleep.

And then this happened:

Source @RANet.Com via @ElliottLester

Source @RANet.Com via @ElliottLester

I became so distracted by this that the earlier crap flew right out of my head.

I may be Sleepwalking tonight, but at least I’ll be sleeping.
Special thanks to RANetdotcom.

21 thoughts on “Perry – The Patient Dr. White Cured First

  1. I don’t know what is going on there….but that manly stride and half turn look to the camera is hot hot hot……and hot. And nothing to do with the rip roaring fire going on (the one in the fireplace in case you didn’t notice). Cause this pic his hot. I didn’t realize Mr. Lester was being literal in his earlier tweet about RA and his co-star (I forget her name now…cause this picture is hot).


  2. You’re telling us that you can sleep after seeing this? LOL, I’m so wide awake right now I can’t stand it 🙂 I think my blood pressure rose about 40 points.


  3. Even with the poor lighting those Armitage thighs could be identified a mile away!! Tight pants should always be a clause in his contract. He is becoming a bit too attached to that beard though?!


  4. Thank you (all three 😉 Elliot Lester, RAnet and Perry) what a nice treat for the weekend and how nice they decided to share this with us :-))) Glad to see we’re not getting boring suits 🙂 Wondering if he’s hovering over a body at his feet? And i like the beard, that stance, those legs with that beard very manly!!! ‘ggg’ and i’m getting addicted to his hashtags! 🙂


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