“Staged” has a Facebook Page. Will A DVD Reissue Be Far Behind?

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Director Darren Denison has launched a Facebook page devoted to his short film, Staged of the short film Staged starring Richard Armitage and Jennifer Taylor Lawrence.

Here’s the first post:

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Staged: The Movie Facebook Page

8 thoughts on ““Staged” has a Facebook Page. Will A DVD Reissue Be Far Behind?

  1. Sorry but this is a really bad film which Dennison is cashing in on through Richard’s fame and fans. I am shamed to think I fell for the first DVD run he did waited like everybody months for it to be delivered and paid more than the hobbit DVD price for 20 cringe worthy minutes. I haven’t watched it again as I don’t think Richard would want what was a poor student film to surface? He has grown so much since that time so wait for the Crucible.


    • Cashing in or not I can’t agree that it was entirely cringe-worthy or not worthy of examination. It’s an excellent insight into Armitage at a really early stage in his development, I came to believe that as a short work it had some interest for me as sort of take-off of the Elizabeth Taylor-Richard Burton production of Private Lives https://armitageagonistes.wordpress.com/2014/01/25/perry-back-where-she-started/ and in my view, it has more value than a Thorin POP doll or Weta figure. And we wouldn’t know how much he has grown if we didn’t have Staged as a comparative work to determine his development. AS to the price, I believe it was stated out front that the film was only 15 minutes – I could be wrong about that.


  2. I loved Staged! I think it was film noir like and ‘old Hollywood’ style. I thought it really well done about two actors rehearsing a play and at the same time weaving in rehashing/resloving a personal relationship. Of course it seemed a bit ‘cheesy’ as they were playing ‘Broadway’ like actors. That was my take on it and I thought it very enjoyable. And some of the lines RA says in it really reverberate with him being on stage in The Crucible this summer.


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