Digital Theatre Sends Some Love

From Digital Theatre’s Newsletter, tweeted by @martin’s little babe By3qpzhCYAMvuNf

11 thoughts on “Digital Theatre Sends Some Love

  1. I must say Digital Theatre know how to tease his potential custumers… 😉
    Along with the pics in the newsletter, Robert Delamere twitting the pics while editing is a great move. Thanks DT, we are drooling already!


      • Ah, after many months of waiting at least shirtless Proctor. Even if I must confess that, watching the play live, I was so moved and into it that the shirtless scene had nothing sexy in it. It’s symbolic and powerful. But not sexy.


        • I do remember from especially the most detailed blog reviews, that in the context it really was something humanizing, not sexualizing, toward Proctor…. as one who couldn’t see the play live, I really look forward to experiencing all this in its context. I’m sure Digital Theater is chuckling over having us all right where they want us at this moment.


          • @SH: Yes, I agree. It was exactly that. Proctor exposed, a man tired after a long day of working out in the field and of course, a symbol of the feelings we were about to see between him and Elisabeth. A big, powerful man frail in front of his sense of guilt and his wish to get his wife’s love back.
            I am probably influenced by Richard’s saying act 2 is his fave, but that act is incredibly well performed, and you feel the urge to jump in the middle of the stage, grab them both and force them to kiss. You can feel their pain, the chasm between them and you feel so sorry, so moved. I think Farber staged that act perfectly and RA and AM are simply perfect.
            @judiang: first night I was in your same position, looking at his backside. Sadly, in the round there is no way to catch every single expression and action perfectly. i.e., final kiss between John and Elisabet was best seen from your position. The filmed edition will be much welcome also for us VERY lucky people that had the privilege to see TC live..


  2. Can’t think. i have a presentation later,and this causes to not think. It’s a lovely state during other times, just not now. 😉


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