Australian Reviews of Into the Storm: eh

The Sydney Morning Herald  Excerpt :

Into The Storm is supposedly a patchwork of material shot by different characters – but often it’s impossible to say who is meant to be behind the camera, even as zooms and shaky pans continue to signify “documentary”. Most inexplicable, yet potent, are the shots that look down on the devastation from on high, implicitly reducing the entire cast to extras in a movie directed by God.

Cairns Post, Snarky but funny and finds positives in the special effects, but

A system of five magnificent mega-tornadoes – any of whom can display more personality than the whole cast combined – swarm upon Silverton for one hell of a gusty get-together.

 (tornados are “whom?”)


6 thoughts on “Australian Reviews of Into the Storm: eh

  1. I read the Herald review yesterday, but didn’t bother sending it through when RA didn’t even rate a mention. Thought everyone would be tired of reading same old points of view re the effects etc. by now.
    I’m nevertheless hoping the wide coverage ITS is being given at the multiplexes – up to nine sessions per day in differing formats, means that the movie will do well here.


    • I think it should do well, reviews not withstanding. Lousy reviews didn’t hurt anyplace else. I read another review, by an entertainment blog, that mentioned everyone BUT RA.


      • By the way, Cairns gets a fair few tropical cyclones, so they know their wild weather up there in far north Queensland.
        I think it’ll do well enough here- I looked at the Roadshow Films Facebook page (they have money invested in the movie), and lots of commenters seemed keen to see it.


  2. There’s eleven sessions a day at my local cinema complex. Leigh Paatsch in the Melbourne Herald Sun gave it three stars and didn’t mention any of the actors at all. I think that’s part of his review above for the Cairns Post. He gave The Hobbit movies two and a half stars each, referring to DoS as “business as snooz-ual”, so I must admit that I’m a bit surprised he’s been more generous with ITS – “a disaster movie that is anything but disastrous.”


    • That review is by LEIGH PAATSCH NATIONAL FILM CRITIC NEWS CORP AUSTRALIA NETWORK and like you, I was definitely expecting less than 3 stars from him. I doubt if that review will turn many of the prospective audience away from it.


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