Belfast Telegraph Gives Mixed Review of Into the Storm


Gary Morris – The grumpiest man ever

They’re not the most unlikeable bunch, even if Richard Armitage’s Gary Morris – the vice-principal of the local school – is the grumpiest man ever. It’s a good job the hinted-at romance between him and Sarah Wayne Callies’s Dr Alison Stone never comes to fruition, as it would have been a suspension of disbelief too far.

15 thoughts on “Belfast Telegraph Gives Mixed Review of Into the Storm

  1. It makes me sad Richard is having so bad reviews. I don’t care about ITS at all, but it’s sad his performance is so badly judged. I hope this film won’t do too much harm to his career 😦


    • His performance really is not getting badly judged. Little is said about it. His character is grumpy ( according to this review) – but not RA’s fault.


    • The review doesn’t say RA’s performance is bad, just that his character is grumpy. I thought that was a pretty decent review really, and sets in it’s right category- just an unpretentious disaster movie.
      I’m amused that the male reviewer thought there was no way Gary could’ve believably attracted a woman like Alison- audiences may beg to differ!


      • LOL yes, perhaps they should ask female audience. I thought that the definition and the sentence were a bad judgment of RA acting… so I’m glad if it’snt. 🙂


      • I agree about his performance.I didn’t take it that way though- that the reviewer thought Ra couldn’t land Allison. I thought he meant that under the circumstances, in a a disaster, it wouldn’t be likely to believe romance. But then, I haven’t seen the film. I thought it was an interesting review. It found good things in the film.


        • It was mentioned just after the grumpy comment, so I took it as a male perspective on what women see as a turn-off in men. But yes, a romance shoehorned in there would’ve been the ultimate cliché.


  2. Grumpy men can be sexy too! Look at Hugh Laurie as Dr. House 🙂 And yes, I had to chuckle at the idea of a reviewer saying it would strain belief that a woman could be attracted to Richard Armitage, however grumpy his character!


  3. The Belfast Telegraph review was really good, I think anyways. It was honest and humourous and and was not a bad review at all. It reviewed the movie for what the movie really is. I don’t think Mr. A. is expecting any great reviews for his acting in this piece. The movie is a ‘disaster movie’ in the vein of the 1970’s (or whenever)…The Poseidon Adventure, Towering Inferno, etc. It is just a cheesy fun summer movie. I really liked the Belfast Telegraph review. I think it is genius that this , let’s be honest, mediocre movie was released at the same time as his The Crucible performance….there is no doubt at all that Mr. Armitage can act. I’m sure people in the industry see the movie for what it is and it does nothing but increase Mr. A’s profile in America because the movie is actually doing quite well. If the movie had flopped, and did not make back the expenses, then that would have not boded well for the career.


    • Genius would imply some sort of intention and since the release date of ITS was set way before The Crucible, I would call it luck. And yes, no denying, despite some awful reviews, the movie continues to bring in audiences in it’s third week.


  4. Richard’s Gary Morris does look like a grumpiest man ever. However the film is so terribly edited that I think a lot of the scenes where his character gets any chance to develop were cut in favor of special effects. The trouble is that this is not just a “disaster” movie. Its a really BAD disaster movie. But in terms of his career it did the trick. He now has a starring role in a US movie under his belt.


  5. I agree and I think your review is in line with my thinking. I thought the film was, believe it or not, too short and that a lot of it must of landed on the cutting room floor – the only way I can explain how the writer could use only one or two sentences of dialogue to set up a complete character. But, I’ll have more to say later.


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