RA Pocket Shrine 28/? – Model Lucas

A Conspiracy of Love for friend and guest blogger Micra. Read all about it. And Congrats to Micra for receiving the perfect RAPS.

Guylty Pleasure

How utterly fitting that today’s shrine of model spy Lucas North was at the centre of a recent conspiracy. A secret triumvirate of conspirators got together to facilitate the delivery of an unspecified  brown envelope with the intention of spreading… some love :-D. Here’s what happened:

When I conducted my little survey a couple of weeks ago to identify some recipients of a RAPS, the name of RArmy fashion expert Micra/Microlina popped up. Not long after posting the praise for the nominees, regular commentator Richardiana (herself a shrine owner) got in touch with me behind the scenes, wondering would I accept a commission for a shrine, intended as a surprise for Micra’s upcoming birthday. I was more than happy to oblige and not just because of the promise of another shipment of peanut puffs.

I was about to put on my creative hat, when another e-mail reached me…

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