Richard Armitage: A Study in Leather, Part II

Once again, guest blogger Micra investigates the Armitage obsession with leather jackets.

It’s time for part 2 in my Leather Jackets series. Still talking about Richard and his jacket in real
life. You can find Part I here.

During The Desolation of Smaug press junket Richard sported a new leather jacket by Diesel.  He
wore  it  on  ITV  DayBreak,  for  twitter  session  promotional  pic  and  during  a  couple  of  radio interviews.

14 - Diesel twitter Ilaria Richard on ITV DayBreak, 6 December 2013 (source)

 15 - Diesel twitter

Richard ready for #AskThorin twitter session, 6 December 2013 (source)

 16 - BBC 1Xtra

Richard with British radio host Adele Robbins for BBC1Xtra interview (source)


17 - Kerrang interview

Richard with Louise Molony  for Kerrang interview (source)

In April­ -May 2013 Richard was in Sydney to promote the release of An Unexpected Journey DVD. Until 19 April 2014, after Part 1 of this series was posted, I didn’t know the brand of the leather jacket he wore in some of those Sydney based video promotions, radio interviews ot the fantastic Tracey Nearmy photo shoot. But when he wore the same jacket during WonderCon in Anaheim, the mystery was solved when Ilaria Urbinati told us it was a Diesel garment.
17bis - WonderCon
April 2014,  WonderCon, Richard with Max Deacon (source)

18 - IGN My screen cap from IGN interview, April 2013.

I’ve seen some pictures and videos with Richard wearing leather jackets whose brands I have not been able to identify. If someone has any information, please tell me.

20 - The Hollywood fast lane

 My screencap from The Hollywood Fast Lane Interview, December 2012

21 - unknown

My screen cap from interview , February 2013 . (According to the source the video isn’t isn’t available anymore. I suppose  the correct data is December 2012)

Looking for every single leather jacket Richard wore in RL, I  also came across this one he wore in an interview promoting the Robin Hood series.22a (1)


BBC Breakfast interview, September 2007. My screen caps (source)

We know that Richard doesn’t care too much about clothes. In the MAX 6 Seconds interview he says he relies on his stylist to dress him, “hence the sh-t leather I’m wearing today” Not sure Todd Snyder was happy about that joke. 😛

But it looks like some particular garments have his approval, are favorites , and are worn and are worn more frequently. Lucas’s Belstaff jacket comes to mind.  The poor thing had a hole where the button once was, but his owner was still wearing it in New Zealand while filming The Hobbit.
23 - Lucas

Screencap from An Unexpected Journey EE Extras (source) 

And if it’s true that he wore leather pants for the most part in drama school,   (Show Patrol, 23 May 2008) also leather jackets were on him since his very early stage and TV appearances. This will be the topic if my next post: Richard and the leather jackets of his characters.



19 thoughts on “Richard Armitage: A Study in Leather, Part II

  1. Another well put together, visual feast for us, Micra. So glad you got that extra detail supplied by Ilaria the other day, but I’m afraid I’m no help with the other two elusive jackets.


    • Thanks Katharine. I was very glad to have this information, I like that blazer a lot so I was annoyed by not being able to identify it. I’m happy Ilaria chose this outfit for WonderCon, first because I think RA was perfect in it (apart from that single strand of extension refusing to get caught in the ponytail… but not clothing department!) and second because now we know the brand.
      A friend expert in fashion tried to identify the other jackets but with no luck until now.


    • Thanks to you for hosting me!
      Oh, there is lot of leather covering Richard’s characters! I bet you won’t be disappointed.


  2. I can see a whole lot fo Guy love coming up 😀 Thanks Micra – always interesting to see what you spot. The jackets all pretty much look the same to me – it takes a fashion expert like you to point out the story…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my, leathery goodness overload! I really like the Sydney/Wondercon one, and he seems to have his favourites that he wears more often. Characters and leather? I suppose Sir Guy will require multiple posts alone! 😀
    /btw, the link to Pt.1 doesn’t work for me/


  4. seeing that Richard “collects” something, gives me thrill 😀 does he say “sh*t leather” in the MAX 60 seconds interview though, or just “sh*t”? I always took it as him referring to the Hoodie.


    • He says sh** leather according to RACentral transcription (and make the gesture opening his jacket). Curious, since he wore that blazer for many events. But he surely prefers the other TS model, since he’s currently wearing it 😉


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