P Before I moved into my more permanent ( but not the permanent ) house here in Mexico, I had a beautiful apartment in town, close to the water. One of my landlords  who lived over the wall  in the apartment next door taught me that a good way to spend the later afternoon was on the patio with my laptop.
He had a great set-up, too, with a desk at the back of his patio where he spent most of the day on line, handling business, communicating with his family in the states, and when he had a chance, watching DVDs – bootlegs are so easy to find in Mexico.

But I was pretty sure that Strike Back would not be among the DVDs he could find. Moreover, at the urging of his wife, my other landlord, I actually did the unthinkable – I gave her a link to Armitage Agonistes, along with some of my favorite posts. There were some of the earliest posts, some of the, ahem, literary posts, a fair sprinkling of Pinter/Proust, two OT posts Rising Rising, Risen and this one. And I threw in one or two that I thought were humorous – and of course, a bit of squee, so this,



After I sent the links, I was sorry I neglected to include this and this.

Mr. B and Ms. C are the only two people in my RL who can link me to this blog. When Ms. C asked, I couldn’t say no – because she never said no to me, not once during my stay there and the kindness of both these people bowled me over.  Learning ( from me of course) that it was my birthday last Sunday, and there  I was, away from family and friends, they invited me to join a group of friends who were also celebrating some April birthdays.  It gave me a chance to meet some people right away.  and also, well it didn’t matter so much anymore if I disclosed I was a fangirl ( a term Sra. C never heard). I had a lot of  ‘splainin’ to do. And she listened, somewhat bemused.

I should also say that I spent my first Passover in Mexico ( speaking of P) at a seder sponsored by the synagogue. I was shocked and delighted when course after course was exactly as it was supposed to be – in fact, I had some of the best chopped liver ever – and as I always say, if there’s brisket, I’m in.

Anyway, I gave Mr. B my Strike Back DVD to watch . Yup I introduced him to John Porter – and guess what – Richard Armitage has a new fan,  and while I don’t think Mr. B. will be following this blog anytime soon, I’m going to make every attempt to get him to see Into the Storm with me when it opens here – and that will be, I’m sorry to say – over a month later than in the US and UK.  True. Now I’ll be like those other Armitage fans who are pissing and moaning because we can’t join in the discussion an hour after the film ends. It’s not like I haven’t considered a “quick hop” to LA – just three hours away – but it isn’t practical because I have to travel in October, and anyway, how would I explain to my nephew – where I would crash, that I left Mexico to see a tornado movie?

I can only remember fondly the night of December 12 when I bundled up in 12 degree weather and walked a block and half to my local theater to watch the midnight showing of DOS, and was writing about it 10 minutes after the film ended. This New Yorker  ex-pat is going to have to learn patience.

Gee, there are a lot of good words and names for the letter in the Blogging A to Z April Challenge, – but sometimes, and this may still be the altitude hitting me at 5,000 feet above sea level, but sometimes, I just forget the obvious. I may not be a New Yorker anymore, but I’m still Perry–Period.

Mr. B – I thought you would like this.



11 thoughts on “Palabras

    • Well i’ll be a new feeling for me after having such easy access – but can’t be helped – although, if what I heard is true about DVDs in Mexico, I might work the waterfront and see if I can get on..


      • I had a sublime time thanks, mum and I on our annual 4-day spa break to celebrate our birthdays. Hopefully I’ll finish my catch-up over the weekend. Hampered by email technical ‘challenges’ just now. Would be ok if only I was the tiniest bit technical.


        • Technology is killing me now also. I have a brand new cell phone and new computer and I feel as though I am working blind. But, I learned 2 things about the phone and 1 about the computer, thanks to a blogging friend.
          I’m sure spa treatments has made it easier for you to deal with them. I’m a spa junkie. There are a few near here that I plan to frequent.


  1. If I can try to plan a trip to London from LA to see a play (with a plausible excuse for going there) you can do it from Mexico to LA to see a movie. Be creative. Perhaps you have a dental appointment or something equally pressing? As for crashing, that’s the easy part. Mi casa es su casa.


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