Hang around awhile, and meet Gary Oldman while you’re there, Mr Armitage


We all know now that Richard Armitage has somehow found a way to stretch time, and squeeze more into his schedule than should be humanly possible. A few spare hours over a holiday long weekend?-zip down to London from up North,  hop on a trans-Atlantic flight, and do a quick appearance for the comic and movie-loving fans of California at Wonder Con.

I’ve had a look at the Wonder Con schedule, and Saturday is the day to spot the big names on the heavy-hitting panels if you’re a movie fan. Warner Brothers are doing their stint from 11AM- 12.30PM, and are promoting Godzilla, Edge Of Tomorrow, and of course, Into The Storm. The only movie of the three to bring cast members to the panel is Into The Storm, which, apart from Richard Armitage, will include several of the younger cast members. No doubt the teenagers in the convention crowd will approve, and Warner Brothers will be hoping to get some advance buzz happening, ahead of the movie’s release in August.

After Richard finishes his own panel, he might want to hang around in the Arena, and listen in on the Twentieth Century Fox presentation. It will feature, amongst others, the new X-Men movie (no mention of cast members in attendance), and also Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, with stars Andy Serkis, Keri Russell, and Gary Oldman making an appearance.

Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman

Here’s a great opportunity to catch up with an old friend, and hopefully also make the acquaintance of a much-admired fellow actor, who Richard may or may not be filming a cameo with in the near future- how’s the rest of your 2014 calendar shaping up, Mr A.? Another big name British actor appearing in the afternoon is Sean Bean, promoting a new American drama TV series he’s set to star in, Legends. Richard and Sean could compare notes on their tally count for dying on screen, with Sean Bean no doubt laughing derisively at Richard’s relatively paltry total.

Not a bad day’s work, all in all. Now, get that man back to the airport, there’s another film that needs to be finished, after all.

11 thoughts on “Hang around awhile, and meet Gary Oldman while you’re there, Mr Armitage

  1. Thanks Katharine, good research job as usual. Wouldn’t it great if RA could meet Gary Oldman? And the image of Sean & Richard comparing death scenes made me laugh like crazy! (and I still have the doubt we will have to add Gary Morris to the casualties in RA’s career… but I hope I’m wrong). I hope Richard will be able to meet Gary Oldman. And perhaps he will be starstruck far more than when he saw Orlando Bloom… 😉


    • Gary Oldman and Andy Serkis are on after RA’s panel in the same arena, only fifteen minutes apart, so if there’s some sort of green room for waiting in, they may well be around at the same time. It would be a nice, casual way to meet and have a chat.


      • I’m almost sure RA will do anything he can to meet them. That meeting alone could justify (for him) the flight to California to be back in UK a couple of days later 😉


        • Gary Oldman just seems to command universal respect amongst other actors, and I think RA’s mentioned him on more than one occasion. Can you imagine the two of them sitting together on a plane discussing acting techniques the whole way, wouldn’t that be something to listen in on!!


  2. I can’t imagine that Richard Armitage would forgo the chance to say hello to Andy Serkis after a few months apart – so it seems more than likely that he will have an opportunity to meet Gary Oldman. If so, I’m glad of it – helps make all that traveling worthwhile. Great post Katharine.


  3. TORn are saying they’ll be at Wonder Con, and will report on the Warner Brothers panel. They’ll be sending through live tweets.


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