The Old Vic Announces Richard Armitage in The Crucible

Press Release Here
Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 6.41.56 AM

Thanks Micra, for passing this along.

22 thoughts on “The Old Vic Announces Richard Armitage in The Crucible

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  2. This is great news! I’m thrilled for Richard that his desire to tread the boards again has come to fruition. A three month run means plenty of opportunities for fans to see him, and I reckon his family will be happy to have him close by again for a while. It may also mean the return of the beard. 🙂
    I will be spending the time between now and then hoping like mad it gets filmed.


    • We’re in the majority. It’s near impossible to get over the fact that we and so many others are not going to see it, but we must – what can we do? Focus on him and the others who will see it and scour every word for reports.
      Who knows what dreams may come?


      • Polite yet enthusiastic requests en mass? There was a reason for the filming of Coriolanus -was it for the fans who missed out?


        • Who can say? It might be too soon to make that request, and I can’t find any precedent that the Old Vic recently recorded then showed one if its plays. Some plays were brought to Broadway. I guess it could find its way to PBS, but I have”t seen that yet from Old Vic. But it may be my blog post for the Blogging A to Z Challenge for “M” if I get the time.


  3. Yay came home from a lovely walk to this news so glad it’s been confirmed. Got straight on line and booked ticket for 1st Saturday taking no chances. I live a couple of hours from London so will make a great day out as I rarely venture into our capital. I make the exception for our boy. Can’t contain myself 2nd row from front hope I get a good view?


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