Talismans Part 1: Pocket Shrines

Ah, the connections. They always warm my heart. Linnet Moss notices that Guylty’s RA Pocket Shrines are part of a world-wide tradition. Comments there, please.

Linnet Moss

Recently I spied this amazing object on Agzy’s page. It’s a pocket shrine to the North and South character John Thornton, as embodied by Richard Armitage. These little shrines are the brainchild of Guylty , who is nothing if not devoted to Mr. Armitage. And why not? Guylty’s other fabulous creations include a full-blown table-top shrine celebrating the charms of the Beauteous Richard.

john-thornton-pocket-shrine Saint John the Divine. Click for source.

I found this shrine fascinating as a piece of folk art, especially because I collect pocket shrines and devotional objects from various religious traditions. Most of mine are Catholic, but every tradition has its talismans, small portable objects with magical, sacramental, or other special properties. We keep them close by us to provide hope and encouragement through difficult times, and to bring good luck.

pocketshrineLourdes 1-inch statue of the Virgin Mary from Lourdes. The vintage case is carved from vegetable ivory.

These little cases with…

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