Don’t Kill off Thorin – Richard Armitage Learns of Petition to Save Thorin

Some good questions from a German Tolkien website in an interview with Richard Armitage:

Did you know that there is a petition on Facebook that advocates can survive Thorin in the movie? What do you think of it?
I think you’ve got just reveal a huge spoiler, at least for those who have not read the book. (Laughs) I did not know that there is such a petition, but I’m afraid it will remain fairly fruitless.

What do you think of the idea to establish a dwarven boy band?
A dwarven boy band, that would be a pretty big band! With 13 of them, what a lot of hard work on choreography! (Laughs heartily) I thought I would get along with seven …

The post-production for the “Hobbit” is now almost complete, your last day of shooting, you had already. When everything is for you to be over, so when will you actually leave Middle Earth?
Probably sometime around this time when there are no more calls to the third DVD release next year. That could possibly be the end.

Micra sent this link along.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Kill off Thorin – Richard Armitage Learns of Petition to Save Thorin

  1. I don’t know about a petition for Thorin not to die, but I did read one awhile back asking PJ to film a sequence with the line of Durin in the Halls of Waiting that could be an extra scene on the EE- just to ameliorate the sadness of the ending to some extent.


    • It’s like a temporary resting place for the spirits of the dead in Middle-earth. I found a quote from The Hobbit- Thorin says as he’s dying, ‘ I go now to the Halls of Waiting to sit beside my fathers, until the world is renewed’.

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  2. Somebody should let Armitage know that there are stories on AO3 that continue Thorin’s story after his death. For instance “Keeping You Warm: Crack AU where Thorin Oakenshield ends up in Thedas after the Battle of the Five Armies and finds new hope in Sigrun’s loving arms. Because let’s face it, there are just not enough women in Middle-earth…”


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