Richard Armitage: A Study in Leather, Part I

( Part II is here

Let’s face it, Italians know their leather, and no one knows Richard Armitage’s leather choices better than amica mia, and guest blogger, Micra.

We all know Richard loves leather jackets, and even leather pants he says he wore through most of drama school. Despite troubles with his Sir Guy of Gisborne costume in BBC’s Robin Hood Series, the man seems to have a special affection for leather jackets, even to the extent of replying to Agzy’s #AskThorin for DoS promotion last 6th of December, that he would battle a dragon to protect his beloved Belstaff jackets.

I’ve tried to trace all the jackets he wore during these years, identify their brand and the several occasions he wore them. I have surely overlooked many, but I think I have found the main ones. I was also curious about the leather he wore in photo shoots and as a character, so I did separate post for them. But what interests me more is his use of leather jackets in RL, so here we are, let’s start.

The first LJ we saw on him is the Lucas North’s Belstaff one. It makes sense. Belstaff is an expensive brand of garment, and frugal RA never liked to spend too much in material things, as he often remarked in his interviews. He had the chance to buy some clothes from the set once the production ended, so he chose some garments that were good on him, expensive and appropriate to his personal style. Lucas’ and Porter’s Belstaff jacket are perfect on him. Classy but gutsy, a good classic brand but not too fashionista. It remains my fave jacket of the many he has. He wore it on many occasions over time and, as we saw, considered them a treasure (even if I suspect he played with us and our preferences in that twitter reply).

01 - Strike Back Belstaff

Porter visiting Katie in hospital in Strike Back Episode 1- Part 2

02 - ITV Studios Belstaff

RA leaving ITV Studios 17-9-2010 (source)

03 - Wellington Belstaff
RA with a fan in Wellington, 06-03-2013 (source)

Then we have another Belstaff jacket, as seen on AUJ Vlogs and Special Contents:

04 - AUJ BelstaffScreencap from Peter Jackson Vlog for The Hobbit (source)

05 - Hobbit Fan Event BelstaffNot satisfied with these two, Richard sported another Belstaff for the Hobbit Fan Event November 2013

Hobbit Fan Even, NYC, 11-05-2013 (source)

Todd Snyder looks like his second favorite brand for leather jackets. He frequently used a couple of TS garments, Β including November 2012 at Wellington airport.06 - Wellington Todd Snyder

Ilaria Urbinati confirmed it was a Todd Snyder garment (source) and (source)

Apparently he loves this jacket a lot, since he wore it several time and he’s wearing it again now, for DoS DVD promotion.

07 - AUJ Todd Snyder

Interview in AUJ DVD Special contents (source)

08 - Toronto Airport

Richard in Toronto for AUJ promotion, December 2012 (source)

'This Morning' TV Programme, London, Britain - 31 Mar 2014

Richard at ITV This Morning, DOS DVD Promotion, 3-31-2014 (source)

Another Todd Snyder jacket seems to be his fave though. He wore it many, many times during the whole AUJ press junket, many interviews and live events like London Apple Store Q&A for The Hobbit.

10 - Apple Center

London Apple Store, 10 December 2012 (source)

11 - Today

Leaving the Today Show, 5 December 2012 (source)

12 - MAX 60 Seconds

Richard & Martin in MAX 60 seconds interview, December 2012.

13 - RA-Todd-Snyder2

And with Todd Snyder in his showroom, 2013 (source)

That’s all for now, but there are more leather jackets to come, including a favorite photo shoot.

29 thoughts on “Richard Armitage: A Study in Leather, Part I

    • Thank you! I’m a little angry for not being able to identify some of the jackets I’ll show in pt2, but I hope someone can help πŸ˜‰


  1. That last photo with Todd Snyder, himself, always cracks me up. Some of these are among my favorite Armitage shots, especially the airport shots. Great work, Micra. I look forward to the next in the series.


  2. I adore him in leather (well, in anything really, but you know what I mean! πŸ˜‰ I hope he continues to add to his collection!! Excited to see what part 2 will reveal! I’ve bought so many things that Richard likes (Red Leicester cheese anyone?) that I know I will succumb one of these days and buy a leather jacket for myself! *hides head in embarrassment*


    • Thank you Teuchter, I strongly advice a leather jacket, yes. It can become a sort of second skin, something you’re so comfortable with that you can really feel yourself. I too would fight a dragon for my Belstaff jackets πŸ˜‰


  3. I really enjoyed this, Micra, and am looking forward to more! I knew Richard probably had several diff’t leather jackets but I’ve not looked close enough to tell them apart, though I’ve always been curious. so thank you for this informative and fun post! πŸ˜€


  4. Yay! Love this post! Thank you, Micra! He is so lucky that he found a style that he’s comfortable in and that he looks stunning in. Very simple – put on leather jacket = look stunning. πŸ˜€ As someone who is not into clothing, I wish I could find something like that!


    • Thanks to you!
      Yes, this look is perfect for him because you can feel he’s comfortable, he is himself. Sometimes we can notice he’s a little lost when he’s all styled for a very important event, not quite himself, really. But give the man a pair of jeans, boots and a leather jacket and he will be perfectly at ease.


  5. Great post, I really enjoyed reading this! (: I’m looking forward to read the next part! I had to check if Belstaff jackets are sold here and nearly choked when I saw the prices. Lucky for my wallet that I didn’t find anything I particularly liked and wanted for myself. : D


    • Thank you! Glad you liked the post and Belstaff jackets. Perhaps you could try in some outlet and online shops that sell garments at a much lower prices. I must say that a Belstaff costs a fortune but lasts your whole life. I don’t travel without my Belstaff long jacket (well, almost a coat for me since I’m an Hobbit!) πŸ˜‰


    • Those ones will be in another post, the one about RA’s characters and leather jackets! And then I plan to do another post about RA + leather in photo shoots. πŸ˜‰


  6. Love it! Great pictures of RA’s leather jackets. I’m always interested in what he pairs with them. The jackets seem shorter than his frame might need–or maybe just likes having his shirttails hanging out as a non-fashion statement. Ha!

    And for another connection between Richard Crispin Armitage and leather, here is the link to Fitzg’s Sept. 2011 guest essay on Judiang’s blog:


    • Thanks Grati and thanks for the link to the interesting post by Fitzg πŸ˜‰
      About jackets lengths: I suppose it’s because he’s very tall, it never happens to me πŸ˜€
      Seriously, some models require to be short, like in the case of the typical bomber. You can like or not, but they have to end at the waist. As I said, this never, ever, happens to me.


      • Giggles Micra! I’m short, too! But my hubby is 6ft four inches tall. So sleeve length and shirt waist length are constant considerations when buying him clothing. But in RA’s case, a short waisted leather jacket looks good on him. *wink* Cheers! Grati ;->


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