Thanks Micra.



      • You know what – I was thinking exactly the same thing *ggg*. The other question that came to my mind: Is he going to buy some of Chop’s wardrobe??? *muhahahaha* Thirdly – is just in the process of making a rollie? And if so, is that for the job or for his break???


        • I just wrote that someplace else. Chop rolls his own of both persuasions. It looks like they are NOT shooting – but – ( ha ha wink wink) maybe he is practicing. It’s been a long time since his Ricky Demming days. Or, maybe he’s just picking his nails. 😉


            • I grew up in a jail. Before you jump to conclusions, my father was the sheriff and we lived in family quarters attached to the jail. I still remember the prisoners “rolling their own”. Most of them could roll them while walking, which always amazed me. The whole process was captivating. It was definitely a poor man’s cigarette back then. I have never been a smoker, but there is something about the smell of loose tobacco that gets me. You can imagine what this picture does to me!


              • You’re right. I should have said “standing”. I do remember seeing some of the men sitting and “constructing” their cigarettes. Many of them would stand and roll them. I wonder if RA sealed the paper by licking it. It is a shame they didn’t show that in this photo! Oops….too much?????


    • I think so, too. He looks like he’s rolling a cigarette, which Chop did – he rolled his own. But then, I don’t think they are actually filming in that picture – I am not sure.


  1. It’s a very natty ensemble, isn’t it? Maroon shirt, pale blue tie badly tied, green anorak, dark trousers and blue pork pie hat- can’t beat it!


    • Good observation about the jacket, Perry. We have no way to know, of course. Weather in Leeds is cold and rainy so actors and crew need to protect themselves.


  2. Thank you Micra! We didn’t have to wait long to satisfy our curiosity about what Richard would look like thank goodness. I am even more excited about this role now after seeing this.


  3. Before the word “tobacco” came to my mind, my Asian brain first thought of those rolled paper strips in fortune cookies. 😀


  4. This is a great role for Richard the book is areal page turner written with wit and pathos. Glad he got to keep his hair colour but I hope he doesn’t take his method acting to extremes on this one! How funny that Chop gets to read some of the Hobbit to Urban in the story wonder how he’ll deliver that line…. he may forget himself and lapse into Thorin with a Yorkshire accent lol! Whatever Mr A will have much fun with this character and should get some well deserved recognition.


  5. Thanks Micra. I was so impatient to see a picture of Richard. Woah ! the hat from “The Blues Brothers” (hot I admit) and the jacket from “Colombo”. It seems that these clothes have had a lot of wear and it’s quite difficult (at least on this picture) to find him sexy even if it’s “our” Richard but I absolutely wish him all the best for this new role as he has choosen it. Anyway I would be very curious to see him with blond hair just to see what he looks like but may be I am the only one ???


  6. I don’t know if this quote will show up but it’s a tweet from Michael Gallivan (Assistant Director?)


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