Dwarf Company- Where are they now?

As we now know, Richard Armitage is currently in Leeds, England filming his new film, Urban And The Shed Crew, and has a new audiobook, Hamlet, due for release, but how have his fellow dwarf actors fared since completing filming on The Hobbit? I thought it would be good to see what they’re all up to now.

Many of the Kiwi actors have returned to their first love of performing on stage, picking up where they left off three years ago. James Nesbitt and Ken Stott have teamed up again for the new TV series The Missing,which has just begun filming in Belgium; Nesbitt takes the lead role. Mark Hadlow has the most unusual role of anyone- when he’s not on stage, he’s taking care of preparations for the Royal New Zealand Navy’s 75th Anniversary, which takes place in 2016.
Other than spending time in LA, presumably hunting up work, Adam Brown has been focusing his energies on a task every bit as demanding as any dwarf boot camp training, namely completing the London Marathon in mid-April.

Jed Brophy:
The Offering (2013)    Short film
An Unseasonable Fall Of Snow (2014)  Play by Gary Henderson. With son Riley Brophy, at the BATS Theatre, Wellington.
Untitled ghost/ horror movie by Jason Stutter (2014)
The Ballad Of Maddog Quinn (2014) directed by Matthew Inns.  A sci fi western.


                                                   Jed and Riley Brophy   An Unseasonable Fall Of Snow

Graham McTavish:
Plastic (2014)  Steve Dawson   Heist movie
Realiti (2014)  Mandrake   Scifi movie filmed in New Zealand
Outlander (2014)  Dougal MacKenzie   Period drama TV series filming in Scotland.
The Stolen (2014)  Bully   Period drama set in New Zealand.

Graham McTavish as Dougal MacKenzie in Outlander

Graham McTavish as Dougal MacKenzie in Outlander

Aidan Turner: 
Poldark: (2014) Ross Poldark   Lead role in the BBC period drama TV series, soon to begin filming in Cornwall, England.

James Nesbitt:
Babylon (2014)  Commissioner Richard Miller   Drama TV movie directed by Danny Boyle. Filmed in London.
Gold (2014)  Frank   Offbeat comedy movie filmed in Dublin.
The Missing (2014)  Tony   Eight part TV drama series. Starz/BBC production, currently filming in Brussels.
My Name Is Emily (2015)  Irish drama movie.

Stephen Hunter:
Ca$h Cow: a 63% True Story (2013)  Ken    Australian short film
Field Punishment No. 1 (2014)   Aussie Bill   Period drama TV movie filmed in New Zealand.
A Skype EXchange (2014)   Gill (rumoured)   Australian short comedy film.

Ken Stott:
Uncle Vanya (late 2012-13)  Vanya   Play by Chekhov staged at The Vaudeville Theatre, London. Co-starring Anna Friel.
Man Up (2014)  Bert   British Comedy/Romance movie   Stars Simon Pegg, Rory Kinnear, Olivia Williams and Harriet Walter.  Filmed in London.
The Missing (2014)  Ian   Drama TV series- with James Nesbitt

image (5)

                                                                               Ken Stott as Vanya

William Kircher:
Caffeine Warriors (2014)  New comedy play by Tom Scott, set and performed in a coffee shop in Wellington.
Performances at festivals with his band, California Dreamers.

William Kirchner

William Kircher

Peter Hambleton:
Shortland Street (2013)  Alisdair Rolleston   Drama TV series.
Equivocation  (May- June 2014) Play written by Bill Cain   Hambleton to direct. To be staged at Circa Theatre, Wellington

Mark Hadlow:
When The Rain Stops Falling (March 2014)  Play by Andrew Bovell . The Court Theatre, Christchurch.
White Rabbit, Red Rabbit  (March 2014)  Play by Nassim Soleimanpour  at The Court Theatre, Christchurch
MAMIL (Middle Aged Men In Lycra)  (2014)  One man show
Creative Director for the 75th Anniversary of the Royal New Zealand Navy in 2016.

Mark Hadlow

Mark Hadlow

John Callen:
John is on the Artistic Board at The Actors’ Program, a year long drama course based at The Auckland Performing Arts Centre. John teaches screen technique and screen direction.

Dean O’Gorman:
The Almighty Johnsons (2013)  Anders/Bragi   Dramedy TV series. Third and final series.
Currently in Los Angeles.

Adam Brown:
Minimus (2013) Short film
Haribo Starmix commercial (2014)
Running the London Marathon mid-April 2014.

16 thoughts on “Dwarf Company- Where are they now?

  1. Thanks Katharine, as usual you are fantastic in finding all the news and organize them in a great post. Thank you, much appreciated. I love our Dwarves and it’s nice to know what they did and are doing now. 🙂


    • Thanks, Micra. Mostly they’ve gone back to what they know and love, which is great. There’s a lot of good, interesting theatre work going on, both acting and directing. I was glad I could find out that they’d all done something creative since filming finished. Dean is one I’d like to see get a lucky break sometime soon, though.


      • After watching TAJ because two very nice friends told me to watch it (you know who you are!) I hope a bright future for Dean too… my Lord Bragi… 😉


        • Oh really- who got you hooked on that mad show?….. Dean has quite an extensive cv, and definitely deserves a decent new project- not sure LA is the place for him though. He seems like such a home loving Kiwi to me- can’t quite see him following in Karl Urban’s footsteps.


          • Oh, who knows… 😛
            Yes, I think the same. Not star stuff, I think. Oh wait, how it is we like all the boys not star-stuff made?


            • Much prefer the ones who live real, grounded lives. I remember one of the first interviews Dean did after TH came out, and he was asked if his everyday life had changed, meaning getting recognised, being asked for autographs, and he just looked astounded by the question. I think he said something like, not in Auckland, mate- Kiwis don’t make a big deal of that sort of thing.


    • Last time he was there, he ended up doing some paintings, and selling them as set decoration. He could well be working on another photography project for all we know. At least he’s had a few friends there to keep him company.


  2. A brilliant report, thanks Katharine! It’s so interesting to see what everyone’s up to, and I’ll want to see most of it. The Missing will definitely be on my watchlist. And yes- fingers crossed for Dean! He was great as Anders Johnson.


    • I’m pleased most of them are working steadily. The Missing was a recent show starring Ashley Judd and Sean Bean, which was cancelled after one series- this seems to be a reboot by a different network, but with a the same theme- searching for a missing person.


    • Thanks- it reassured me that they weren’t all still out there trying to find work. If you just looked at their imdb pages, you’d think a number of them had been sitting idle of late, but when you dig deeper, all sorts of interesting projects come to light, like William doing a play in a cafe.


      • 🙂 Yes it really is wonderful to see them all working. I’ve been reading Outlander, and oh man wow is that going to be hot! Aside from Richard in Into The Storm, I am REALLY looking forward to seeing Graham as Dougal MacKenzie next (soon) on Starz.


        • Graham seems to be having tons of fun on that project- he gets on really well with the cast and crew. Ready-made fan base for Outlander, same as The Hobbit, so he’s been fortunate in the parts he’s been offered, and he repays that with his twitter love many times over.


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