Armitageworld EXPLODES! Perry has Questions.

Source:Leslie Hassler

Source:Leslie Hassler

No one knows what Richard Armitage is going to look like when he portrays Bernard Hare in Urban and the Shed Crew. Frenz is teasing that he’ll be bald. I don’t think so, but he could be blond. Looking at these photos, I can see it working. And I like Armitage in glasses. But we really don’t know what Bernard Hare looked like in his younger years. We could even see a plump Chop._bernardhare250554321_berniekitwin

bernard hare

bernard hare

And, what are we going to call this movie for short? Urban? UATHSC? Urban/ShedCrew? I’m curious to see where that winds up.

But, looks and nicknames aren’t what I want to talk about. I want to talk about method.

All Richard Armitage fans know that he likes to write back stories for his characters: biographies that tell him where this person has been and how he got to the place where we find him on screen. What about now? This is the first time that Armitage is playing a living person. How is that going to affect his method, I wonder? What extra pressure or responsibility will affect our favorite actor in this situation where he knows the real life embodiment of his role is out there watching? He’s playing a man who has opened up his past, his secrets, his soul to the world, and has been praised for it. ( Yeah – I only read the synopsis – No Kindle – otherwise I’d be half through). And, Bernard Hare is going to be watching.

I think Richard Armitage will spend as much time with Bernard Hare as he possibly can, soaking up his essence, his speech, learning what made him tick. He may be there now. But no matter what, the best first interview question to ask Richard Armitage when he’s promoting this small film is, ” what was it like to play a living person,” and “how did playing a character with a set back story and biography affect your method?”

Interested people want to know.

Oh – the Hassler photo – the toughest/street person looking Armitage I could find ( well there are the ladder shots).


15 thoughts on “Armitageworld EXPLODES! Perry has Questions.

  1. Perry, did you mean first time portrayal of a person who is still alive? Don’t forget Richard’s marvelous performance as Claude Monet in the Impressionists. He truly disappeared into that role. Plus John Porter is a fictionalized version of Chris Ryan. I’m sure Richard is doing research on troubled youth, drug addition and social services. He likes reading non-fiction. Plus his Just Giving charities are very focused on children in the UK. He is really going to sink his teeth into this one. I wonder if he’s gone over his notes from when he played Paul Andrews as a part of this preparation. Another troubled character working with criminal youth. Timing on this is interesting. Will Richard be in Leeds in two weeks or at Cinema Con in Las Vegas? What about the rumored TABA filming for May? That may just be Jimmy Nesbitt as 1- only person quoted about it and 2- only one with a HobbitCon conflict.


    • I forgot about Claude Monet because I did think of any real person. This is different because the person is living – but yes. I completely forgot about Monet. You’re right that the story is something that should be close to his heart. Paul Andrews doesn’t have much to offer, I don’t think, though he was a social worker for parolees. But there was nothing about his actual work, excepr for Tracy. Porter was glamorized. I think this role is nothing like what he’s done before – but damned right – I forgot Monet. This is only 6 weeks of filming and they have the crew assembled, so he’s just under the wire.
      CinemaCon may be just the one day when WB does their big presentation – so he can do both. Also, if I recall, but you’re much better at this stuff than I am, they talked about more pick ups – but not specific time. If they are spending less time, they don’t have to start as early as May.


  2. This is a terrific role for him, from what I can understand reading the synopsis. I haven’t read the book (no Italian edition of course) but it looks like a very different character from his old ones and one he could be interested in play. The chance to talk with the author of the book (that is a non fiction one, so even more important in this case) is a rare opportunity for him to get into the character. He didn’t talk to Chris Ryan for Strike Back and, quite honestly, it was a different kind of book. I’m sure he won’t lose this opportunity. I remember having read that Cumberbatch tried several times to talk with Assange while preparing his wikileak film but he failed and was really frustrated. So yes, I’m sure Richard will talk with Hare and try to grab the essence of the character.
    Great news indeed. A small film. A real one, I love it. Thanks Perry 🙂


      • Well the character’s name is “Chop”, not Bernie. So it is fictionalized. From what I read, based on personal experience. But there is a real “Chop” and “Urban”. I don’t think it matters if he looks like BH or not. Don’t know the direction of the film.


  3. I woke up to a flooded inbox and little time to fish around for news… Thank you, Perry, for keeping us up to speed and providing additional material as well. As for the role, it sounds so good I’m walking around with a huge grin. There’s so much he can do with that one…


    • We are all in seventh heaven- for us and for him. There’s a lot of information out there, a producer who is keeping us informed on Facebook and Twitter, a book to read, an author who likes to share on video and lectures.

      I didn’t even finish my posts on Hamlet:A Novel.


  4. Slightly (understatement) thrilled to hear of this! This more like it! And Anna Friel as well. A respite from fashion shoots (saved by Guily’s expert analyses) and repetitious interviews (which have been very nice, dear) – back to serious acting! Delighted for Mr. Armitage – well-deserved role; proper recognitions of talent. Quite delighted!


  5. For an edgy urban street vibe to RA, there is always his Ricky Deeming Role:

    And though Hare is blondish, hair color is really an immaterial facet of this particular character. RA’s brown/black hair will do. Ha!


  6. Ricky Deeming was the first thing I looked at, but most of the available pics had the scarf, so it didn’t strike me as that right. Then I remembered this one, and the background. It is not required that RA look exactly like the real person – but I think Bernard hare’s plumper body may be an issue, so maybe some padding – again. And while the hair is not essential, the decision may be made to have the actor look as close to as possible. I don’t know. We’ll have to wait for the trailer. The way things are going, it might be out before the Into the Storm Trailer.


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