The Versatile Blogger Award : Perry’s Nominations etc.

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I was thrilled and honored when Jools  (A Writer’s Notepad) nominated me for The Versatile Blogger award earlier this week.  It was especially satisfying because this is, after all a fan blog. The timing was perfect, since the nomination came on my 8th month anniversary, and my announcement of the award was my 500th post. The Fates at work.

To add to the sweetness, Jools, who is shopping her newly finished novel to agents, wrote this in a comment:

But my nomination is well deserved; you run a great blog, thoughtful, interesting, diverse even in its niche, and very well informed. Oh, and by the way, when ‘Singled Out’ gets picked up and published (see how positive I am?), guess who’s on my ‘dream cast list’ for the film/tv options?!! 

Emphasis Supplied. Whether this future role for Richard Armitage will be a goodie or baddie – I have no idea and Jools isn’t telling.

I accepted the challenge to pay it forward by complying with the rules of the award.

These are the rules as transmitted to me by Jools:

•       Display the Award Certificate on your blog (just cut-and-paste it from my post)
•       Write a post and link back to the blogger who nominated you – that’s me!
•       Nominate  10 other bloggers.
•       Inform them of their nomination via comment on their blog
•       Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

I don’t follow  many blogs that aren’t related in some way to the subject of my own.  So, I had to do some reading and selecting. Some of these blogs I just discovered; others I’ve been reading for a while. Most of them are on the newer side and this is an opportunity for these bloggers to attract more readers. Just about all of the 10 blogs I’ve nominated have in common that they are, indeed versatile, reading them is almost guaranteed to lift your spirits, make you hungry or leave you chuckling.

To the nominees, I completely understand if you don’t wish to join. There is absolutely no obligation. This sort of thing isn’t for everyone and some of you may just not be ready. But, if you’re thinking about it, take as much time as you need to get your post together. If you choose to decline, take a look at some of the other blogs mentioned here and on Jools’s post. The real idea here is to share something new with the community.

So, in no particular order, here are my ten nominees:

LinnetMoss – a published fiction writer, Linett  writes with a light touch and an edge. She’s a vegetarian, I’m not, but her food posts are guaranteed to make your mouth water and her photos are  a feast for the eyes. She frequently reviews wines, all to my liking, and is definitely  not against commenting on the men she finds attractive. There’s a bit of a fan blogger in her, when it comes to a certain Ciaran Hinds, a favorite of mine, and Armitage has appeared on her posts as well.

Eagle-Eyed Editor– a professional proof-reader, EEE’s blog  fits the bill as versatile. Her posts are  clever,  filled with delightful writing on social media, writing, this and that and books. Her posts on words and proofreading are among my favorites. This is another writer who will send you away smiling.

Rainey Daze and Crazy Nights  (just shits and giggles)- This blog is a collection of funny images, short fiction pieces and the blogger’s poetry. It’s great to start the day with a laugh, and Rainey provides it almost daily. She has a number of categories, all good.

Leslie White lessons and tips from a water colorist and teacher. Reading this blog was instrumental in getting me to take out the paints this January and do some plein air watercolor sketching  in Mexico.

Bottledworder – I especially like the New York vibe – even though the blogger lives across the river in Jersey City. In addition to musings and photography, this blog offers many tips for the blogger. Posts generate hundreds of comments. It’s a favorite and a previous award winner.

 Love, Sex and Other Dirty Words – MorrighansMuse is a member of my own blogging community. She’s never afraid to say what she thinks, whether it’s a movie or book review, a matter of current events or commentary on her muse, who happens to be the subject of my own blog. Hers was one of the first blogs I found when I entered the fandom.

I’m Just Walkin’(NYC) Matt is walking every single street in New York City ( including the boroughs). He posts his route, a photo and some thoughts. He even has a map that, when you point and click on a portion, takes you to the blog post and route for that day. This blog is a follow up to his I’m Just Walkin’ – US. He’s probably too busy walking to read blogs, but who knows?

Skinny Girls and Mayonnaise – A Food Blog for a big appetite served in small bites. The naming of the blog is a great story, too. The stories are as good as the recipes – and there’s a special category just for pork!

Heirs of Durin Not what I would call a  fan blog, but an informative blog about everything The Hobbit, with special emphasis on Thorin Oakenshield. The essays on this blog are well-researched and thought provoking. A beautiful site with  vigorous discussions in comments.  I consider myself only a Tolkien in-law-  or a cousin twice removed since my interest stems from the actor who plays Thorin in The Hobbit trilogy  – but I really get into some of these essays – especially the weapon series.

Overly Critical Reviews  -TV reviews and commentary on mostly British TV and American TV showing in the UK. This is a new blog with a simple format. More traffic may result in more frequent posts and comments and I’m hoping for an increase in posts on stuff I can see, such as more American TV and Netflix reviews.  The posts are detailed and honest. A blog with really great potential for TV lovers.

Another requirement of the Versatile Blogger Award is sharing seven  things you might find interesting about me.

I paint. Watercolor is my medium. For 12 years I painted regularly, and then I stopped, except for an annual spring ritual. I paint a still life of lilacs in the same  vase every May, sometimes for as long as lilac season lasts.  I’ve painted lilacs about 120 times. I’ve only shown one of those paintings to anyone. ( I picked up my brushes again this past January – not sure how far I’ll take it.)

I rarely believe in coincidence, but I’m not so sure about Fate.  I’m from New York. During orientation on my first day of college, I sat next to a girl from Maryland. We became fast friends and roommates.  During convocation weekend we planned for us to go out to dinner together with our parents. It turned out that our fathers already knew each other! They’d met in a V.A. hospital near Washington D.C. after the war and, both being single at the time,  became friends and bummed around for a while until my father returned home to New York.  Both men wound up in the same business and their reuniting that weekend led to a successful business venture – the very one they talked about when they were young men.

When I was “a bit younger,” people thought I looked a lot like actresses Sean Young and/or Elizabeth Ashley when she was younger ( and thinner).  I could see what they meant, but I think it was more about the nose, the hair (dark and curly) and the type. ( And maybe the cigarette that Liz Ashley was always photographed holding.)

Books I really like ( it’s impossible to come up with a favorite at this stage of my life) are The Source, by James Michner, The Mists of Avalon, by Marion Zimmer Bradley, The Once and Future King, by T.H. White, A Distant Mirror: The Calamitous Fourteenth Century, by Barbara W. Tuchman, and Play for A Kingdom, by Thomas Dyja. I don’t enjoy historical fiction  too much any more, except I highly recommend Wolf Hall and Bringing Up the Bodies by Hillary Mantel.

I was once kidnapped ( or maybe hijacked) by a NYC cab driver who got pissed when I told him I wanted him to take me to Brooklyn ( from Manhattan.) This is a problem in NY when drivers don’t want to go to the outer boroughs. I relied on the law, forced him to take me, and, in a fit of anger, he took me on a ride over the Williamsburg Bridge – but he was on his way to Queens. I started yelling out the window on the Brooklyn- Queens Expressway, and some drivers forced the cab off the highway. It ended OK. The experience triggered my move to Manhattan.

My two most precious momentos  are  a pyramid shaped rock (York Haven diabase, I hope) that I picked up from the site of “Little Round Top” on the Gettysburg battlefield, and the branch of a very special dead tree- on Wade’s Beach, Shelter Island, practically driftwood but not yet adrift, that I sawed off the tree myself.

One of my proudest  professional achievements was besting noted civil rights lawyer, William Kunstler, in a lawsuit. (He was wrong and the case had little to do with anyone’s civil rights, though he brought the case under the first amendment.)

So, there you go. I look forward to hearing from all of the nominees. I know the readers here are interested as well.

19 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award : Perry’s Nominations etc.

  1. Congratulations, Perry! Wow, 500 posts? I think I just hit 390 and that’s a couple of years worth of goofiness…I thought *I* was a motormouth. 😉


  2. I guess I’m the real motor mouth – but seriously – – so many of my posts are just news flashes. Your are mostly thought out and written. I don’t kid myself – too much.
    But thanks,


  3. Great post to mark the occasion- an interesting array of blogs to wander through (I’ve just had a quick look at the Overly Critical Reviews), and some fascinating ‘Perry facts’- great story about your Dad and your friend’s. The kidnapping story? One to look back on wryly, I would think.


  4. The kidnapping story is even funnier when the whole story is told. The cab was forced off the highway to under it. The cars that did it emptied out, and we were faced with about 8 young men. Not quite gang members but they looked like it. They shooed the driver away and took me to a main street where they hailed a private limo for me. I thought. The guy drove me home, and when I got there, I asked him how much I owed im He said ” Nothing – I’m not a livery driver – the kids just waved me down and asked me to take you home.” I had about $ 1,000 cash on me which I was delivering to my travel agent the next day for a trip to the South of France. So, as Thorin and Gandalf would say – ” From the frying pan . . . into another frying pan . . into the fire.” But it worked out OK.


    • So the Good Samaritan award gets shared equally between the young guys and the limo driver- good dinner party anecdote, once you got past the relief that you were still in one piece!


  5. I’m thrilled to be nominated, and I’ll be paying it forward! Congratulations on hitting the milestone of 500 posts. That’s quite an achievement. I’m sure that Mr. Armitage will provide inspiration for another 500 plus 😉


    • Thanks Linnet. I’m taking one day at a time, one post at a time. I’m delighted you’re participating in The Versatile Blogger Award. Your blog is a gem and I hope some of my readers take a look at it. They’ll be hooked.


  6. Aw, I’m blushing, Perry! You made my day! Thanks for the kind words. I’m particularly flattered to be grouped in with Bottledworder — she’s an outstanding blogger!

    RAFrenzy recruited me into the Armitage Army. She left a comment on my blog, I followed the hyperlink to check her out and then I made the discovery of who married Geraldine in “The Vicar of Dibley”. And THAT led to “North & South” (*sighs in pleasure*) and other good work from RA. It was fun writing the blog post about the whole thing.

    Kidnapped??!! Scary. I’m glad those young men stuck up for you and came to your rescue. It’s great to hear that there are still good people like that in the world.

    I’ve definitely got to check out the other bloggers on your list. They sound like good fun.


    • Thanks. Me too. I haven’t read it in years. I should do. I love everything to do with the Arthurian Legend – but this was sooo good. I think there was a sequel that I didn’t like as much.


      • I love the Arthurian Legend, too! 😉 I haven’t picked this book up in quite awhile, either. Definitely SOOOO good. It’s one of those that I get lost in and forget to come up for air. 😉 There were a couple of other books in the series — The Forest House and The Lady of Avalon. Did you read the Mary Stewart Arthurian trilogy?


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