Was There a Hair Ball in Richard Armitage’s Past?

We know he doesn’t like cats and water, but does Richard Armitage have another deep-seeded fear that we’ve yet to explore? I think he might. I think Richard might suffer from gynopogonophobia – the fear of female beards. At the same time, as is often the case with phobias, I think he’s a little drawn to the objects of his fear- a little obsessed – so there’s a corresponding touch of gynopogonophilia.

You will recall that Armitage got  heat from Evangeline Lilly and some fans for what he said during the Cinemax Final Cut interview, when he said that a woman in a beard was ” not a good look.” Now, some thought he was poking fun at fans in cos play, but I think not. I think he was commenting on the look of women in beards. Decide for yourself. It comes at the beginning.

My in-depth research has uncovered a heretofore never discussed gem – a primary source. Richard Armitage expressed interest in bearded women much earlier than we think. In his 9/16/05 message to fans he cautioned,

Just returned from France shooting The Impressionists, having a brilliant time, but a word of warning ‘It’s a bit of a hairy show, and that’s not just the blokes!!!
Will get round to answering all your brilliant letters and birthday wishes (was out clubbing in Paris with the cast and crew on 22nd!) If I ever manage to untangle my arms from this giant beard that seems to have a life of its own!
Loads of love and internalcardiothorassictamponading massage,

[Emphasis supplied].

He seems both propelled and repelled by the whole idea of females in beards. He even suggested that maybe his Armitage Army should sport beards as part of uniform)

We know that he attributes his fear of water to a childhood incident when his stroller, with him in it , rolled into a pond. So, what incident from his youth is the cause for RA’s gynopogonophobia/philia?

Where and when could young Richard have encountered a woman with a beard? Of course! Can there be any doubt?


Yes! Richard ” ran away to join the circus” when he was a mere lad. ( forgive me, it can’t be helped – but maybe a new spin on an old boring interview question is what we need).

We know he slept near the elephants. Maybe the elephants were on one side, but who was on the other?  And, he being the irresistible, adorable man/child he was at 16 or 17, I think the lady may have given in to her desires and sneaked into his tent for a little hirsute hankypanky – a hair ball?  Was he appalled or appreciative? Only the elephants know for sure. ( Here’s a good prompt for an RPF if anyone’s interested).

Phobia or philia? Who can tell. But I’m not taking any chances.

35 thoughts on “Was There a Hair Ball in Richard Armitage’s Past?

  1. Ha ha- brilliant piece of hypothesising, Perry!- just what today called for. I’ve always thought the elephants were part of the RA creative storytelling- a good shorthand way of adding a bit of colour to a tale about a circus.


  2. I was reading an old interview when he talked about the circus times… He apparently destroyed any evidence (photos, documents and so on) of that period so we’ll never know 😉


  3. Hmmmmm………you just may be on to something here. He has also said that he was 17 when he…um….lost his virtue. Coincidence? Perhaps not!


  4. LOL! Darn! And I was trying to let my facial hair grow out just for RA. I guess that I’m back to plucking. Ha!

    But it occurs to me that RA’s reference from his Monet period about women making it a “hairy show”–suggests to me that the hair in question might be in places that might occur other than facially. Someone European will have to confirm if there are body areas left unshaved in France etc as a cultural norm, that might be shaved elsewhere in the world as a different cultural norm. And if a female body location other than the face is what RA was referring to, does that imply that he had a “close encounter”–on the set or off of it? *wink* Though he is in bed with Madame Monet a lot–so that is up close and personal.


  5. Holly hairballs! What a great topic. How about starting the rumor that Richard changed his VOD characters’ name from Bill to Harry because he always wanted to be hairy


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  7. It’s fairly common in mainland Europe for women to have underarms and bikini lines that are ‘natural’ looking. It’s something of a running joke in the UK!


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  10. Hilarious! Interesting for a Leo to dislike cats. Another thing I have in common with him and I am a Leo too! Thanks for the humour!


  11. Lol … RA traumatised from a young age by a woman in the circus who had a beard? (I went to an all girls school and we had a couple of terrifying teachers who actually did have facial hair. They used to sit in assembly in their academic gowns and stare at us ….eek!!). Great post. Thanks to Nat above for linking 🙂


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