OT: Side Dish – Viggo is Back


For Viggo Mortensen lovers who think they don’t see enough of him, ( and I am one – Hidalgo and A History of Violence are favorites) this new film has a lot going for it. You can find the synopsis and the trailer on Hollywood Spy.

6 thoughts on “OT: Side Dish – Viggo is Back

  1. He was excellent in ‘Eastern Promises’ as well. I just watched ‘Hidalgo’ the other night & it’s one of my favourites too!


  2. Thanks, Perry- It’s always good news to see that Viggo has a new movie coming out, and a stylish period thriller at that. I just read a great review of the movie: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/film/filmreviews/10630856/Berlin-Film-Festival-2014-The-Two-Faces-of-January-review.html

    I rewatched ‘Witness’ a while ago, and was struck by how stunningly beautiful Viggo was a young man. He still has an arresting quality that draws you in.


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