Clothes: The Good, The Bad and the Worst


Good fit, good pose


Bad fit. The jacket needs to be straightened. Sleeve is too short on the right and is cuffs should be peeking out. OMG – is there a short sleeved shirt under there?

oy . Before Sylist310017_529757923722688_492047234_n

The Worst. (Depending on what you’re looking at) Before his stylist days. For anyone who wonders what chinos are, meet your first chino suit. Does he even have a full length mirror? The sleeves are too long. The matching converse sneakers – a matter of taste? But the pants?

Source for all: Armitageonline.RU

29 thoughts on “Clothes: The Good, The Bad and the Worst

  1. I miss pre-stylist Armitage – maybe one of the few or only. It’s who he really is, and had a special charm of its own. Love when we get a little glimpse back to those days now when the stylist is not around πŸ™‚ Not that I don’t appreciate him when he’s looking debonair and dashing too.


    • I can see missing the idea of pre-stylist Armitage, but where he is now, we just can’t leave him on his own for the more formal or bigger events. For casual clothes, maybe.


      • I agree. But still needs help with the shoes πŸ˜‰
        I love casual Richard, Belstaff, plaid shirt and jeans, or simple leather jacket, t-shirt and jeans. But as Perry says, he can’t no more afford himself to show at formal events not perfectly styled.


      • I agree Perry, Some of his earlier clothes really are appalling. This particular outfit looks very similar to one that he was wearing when photographed with Annabelle Capper. I must say that I liked the outfit for the Berlin premiere, stylish well fitted and trousers right length and not to tight. I loved the Vivienne Westwood tho. Very quirky.


  2. Only thing I can say is he really needed a stylist. I think I’ve seen far worse on him but they were photo session clothes while the beige suit is not.
    p.s.: I never used the term chino pants, so I’m not sure about the meaning.
    p.p.s.: In LA DoS Premiere he insisted in having asymmetrical cuffs out of his jacket’s sleeves. One was out, the other inside. It’s too much for him, poor baby. But I don’t care. I really, really don’t care. πŸ™‚


    • He’s winding up on some best dressed lists for these big events and I think that’s a good thing. That beige ( chino refers to cotton twill pants usually with a crease and the color – which can vary from beige to green)


      • LOL! πŸ˜€
        Thanks for explanation.
        It’s important to be on the best dressed list when he attends a big event. It’s part of the bigger game he’s playing πŸ˜‰


    • Definition of Chinos – ‘Chino cloth is a twill fabric, originally made of 100% cotton. The most common items made from it, trousers, are widely called chinos. Today it is also found in cotton-synthetic blends.
      Developed in the mid-19th century for British and French military uniforms, it has since migrated into civilian wear.
      The pure-cotton fabric is widely used for trousers, referred to as chinos. The original khaki (light brown) is the traditional and most popular colour, but chinos are made in many shades’.
      Chinos are quite popular in the UK , eg,


  3. I usually love to talk clothes, but today I’m turning a bind eye on all the sartorial mistakes as means of thanks that Richard isn’t an a-hole like Shia LaBeouf.
    Ps. The beige suit made my ears bleed…I’m not turning a blind eye on THAT!


    • Agzy I had to google who Shia LaB…is. Had no idea.. Somebody who obviously “brightened” the day in Berlin today!!! Hare-brained!
      As to this beige suit RA is wearing….. It’s usually a colour that I utterly dislike (as it quite often looks simply dull!) and I would never ever wear it myself. But…… I never understood why almost everybody disdains his look on this pic. First of all it’s shot from a bit of a weird angle, which SADLY shortens those beautiful legs of this, oh so beautiful man…. Still I like what I see and he can def wear this colour. By all means it was a change during a time when he was donned in black for years. I’m just a supporter of variety… πŸ˜‰ As you now maybe all can tell, I’m not that a big fan of stylists, at least not per se!!


  4. Just naked. Naked is good. All the naked, all the time. Naked, naked, naked. (And maybe some jeans, a comfortable T, and/or a long sleeve black or blue shirt occasionally – that would also be acceptable.) But otherwise, only naked.


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