Armitage on the Horizon: Plans to Present “Favourite British Artist of the Year” Award

I’ve been looking for this announcement, but it took CrystalChandlyre to unearth it from last week.  Armitage watchers  have something to look forward to in the near future. The Anglophile Channel reports on plans to present Richard Armitage with his award, sit down for an interview, and present questions from fans.

UPDATE on Richard Armitage Favorite British Artist of the Year Award Presentation: Just wanted to let the RA Army know that The Anglophile Channel IS indeed in contact with Richard’s team! We are currently coordinating dates to present the award and do a sit down interview with Richard Armitage! We’ll be asking for your questions for Richard, in a future post, so stay tuned! Make sure you’re SUBSCRIBED to our YouTube Channel to be the first to receive the Armitage Interview! 


15 thoughts on “Armitage on the Horizon: Plans to Present “Favourite British Artist of the Year” Award

  1. Well, we should at least have this interview in a near future. They still have to ask for questions, so I suppose it will take its time. Hope they will do a nice video 🙂


    • If they have trouble scheduling the interview in the near future, maybe that means he has a full schedule. I imagine they can interview him where ever he is. I don’t know how “big” they are – a relatively new site, I think. So that might be a factor. Don’t kow how he and hs team view the channel or the honor. But it sounds like they’re making some progress.


      • PR could also be trying to coordinate with other press related opportunities. The Anglophile Channel might want exclusivity (understandably – it’s an award) I imagine a myriad of issues, that might include time, logistics, who shoulders the costs, etc.)

        But there is this – their YouTube channel comparatively does not have a lot of subscribers yet, and one of their highest viewed post was The Anglophile Artist of the Year Awards contest at 7,500 views. For perspective, PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) has 22 million subscribers (He had 7 million just last year, by the way), with many posts viewed in the millions. Although his channel is a bit of an anomaly, Richard’s PR might look at things like that. (One of my own video posts has over 20,000 views alone, because…Richard.) And my channel has no monetary attachment to it. Anglophile’s might.)

        So like you said – we don’t know how they view the channel. His interview and any exclusivity would certainly help them. Naturally I think it is a good thing to participate in, but I am not privy to all things needed to take into consideration, or know his time schedule. We all did work in the voting and dissemination process in order to see it happen, not that that should be a reason for him to participate, but I’d still like to see him receive it. It is essentially a people’s award, not just the channel’s.


  2. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this all works out logistically where he is able to receive it personally and do an interview. I hope it works out for everyone concerned. It really would be good to see him in this context, since it has never happened before that I am aware of – at least in receiving an award as a recognized movie actor.


  3. Anglophile and we may have to settle for something less, but I can’t imagine he would ignore alogether and not cooperate to some extent. You’re right, the fans made this happen. Fans – not well wishers.


      • You did a little more than that. You also got out the vote, along with others. I don’t know that the bigger awards have presentations – maybe just a fabulous magazine spread. I can tell you that Tom Hiddleston’s win of sexiest man alive has generated buzz – including in National Theater. Butt hat’s big. On the other hand, Anglophrenia , the BBC channel, is not that small. Their lists run on a cable loop.


        • In regards to Hiddleston, I’m afraid I could see that coming. (I’m still smarting a bit about Coriolanus myself 😉 )

          The lists can get tiresome, but they do help to take a pulse (or improve circulation.) I like the participate because I believe in the latter. There is risk there, like with any kind of media over saturation, but I think it is too early to be concerned about that sort of thing where Richard is concerned – at least not as I see it.


    • And then film the skype screen as it is happening, or is there a way to capture the video from the Skype? Either way, it sounds like a good idea. However, I think there is someone from the channel in NYC. I can’t recall where I read that or why I think so.


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